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Battlefield V History Vol. 2: Combined Arms had Features like Squad Mates getting captured, Suppressed Weapons and up to three different ways to end Missions | Bonus: Future CA-Missions

Battlefield 1 - Battlefield V History Vol. 2: Combined Arms had Features like Squad Mates getting captured, Suppressed Weapons and up to three different ways to end Missions | Bonus: Future CA-Missions

cvqf7ge8k8n21 - Battlefield V History Vol. 2: Combined Arms had Features like Squad Mates getting captured, Suppressed Weapons and up to three different ways to end Missions | Bonus: Future CA-Missions

Hi guys,

as a follow-up to my first dive into the development history of Battlefield V by analyzing the game files I want to show you some fractures of the initially planned version of the Combined Arms mode.

The files show tons of randomized narrative content about mission design and various elements for this mode which emphasizes that Dice really wanted to give us more than the dull and blunt version we've ultimately received.

Here are some key elements with official narrative from the files:


  • Mission start with an parachute jump into the enemy's territory
  • Very high focus on stealth approaches ("I might be teaching mother to suck eggs here, but I'm going to say it anyway. Avoid triggering enemy alarms.")
  • (Suppressed) weapons scattered throughout the area in weapon crates ("Here's something I've always liked about the enemy: When they go to war, they bring enough weapons for everybody!")
  • An active alarm calls in additional soldiers, half tracks, tanks and even air support by planes ("We have reports of planes coming your way. Keep an eye in the sky soldiers!")
  • Planes can be chased away with a few rounds of gunfire ("You have enemy planes incoming! Aim for their fuel tanks!")
  • Squad mates can be captured by the enemy and have to be freed by you ("Some of your squad have been captured by the enemy. Do what you can to get them back!")

Objectives with random elements

  • Kill one or several colonels
  • Injured colonels can try to flee from the zone which hurts your mission result
  • Destroy radios, radio stations and their staff
  • Prevent enemy soldiers from sending out urgent messages if you get spotted ("An enemy squaddy is making a dash for the radio! Don't let him send a message, or it's all over!")
  • Steal documents from lockboxes (cracking it takes time but makes no noise, but if you're in a hurry you can shoot the padlock to speed things up)
  • Enemy soldiers try to burn the documents if they know that you're coming for them
  • Destroy AA or artillery guns (not only by putting a charge on them, every explosive equipment is viable)
  • You have only limited time here since your faction is already moving in with planes or ground troops ("Soldier! Destroy the AA-guns! Our planes are suffering heavy losses!")
  • Faster mission accomplishments result in fewer losses for your faction and therefore in better mission rewards for you
  • Even if you fail to achieve one mission goal you get another chance to redeem yourself by killing all enemy troops in the area ("Covert operations and intel collection doesn't seem to suit you, soldier. Hopefully you're better at some straightforward shooting.")
  • Sometimes elite squads are scanning the area and try to give you a very hard time


  • You can request an extraction for your team at any time
  • If you haven't completed anything meaningful the narrator's will give you appropriate feedback ("I'm not just here to taxi you around. The Home Office is not sending you around the world for a spot of bloody sightseeing. Unbelievable.")
  • First option to extract is help of local resistance waiting to pick you up ("Hey, this way. *cough* (loud voice) It is very pleasant weather we are having for the time of year. (pause.) (whispers) now you're supposed to say "but it's suprisingly cold in the evenings" (normal voice) Oh, never mind!")
  • If you alarm enemy troops on your way to them resistance fighters will withdraw ("Damn it, they've spotted you. We're telling the resistance to withdraw. They can't stand against the enemy regulars.")
  • The second option is an extraction zone you have to fortify and defend
  • In contrast to the current ingame version the enemy can very well capture the extraction area (probably like a flag in conquest) so you have to pull back
  • Then you have only one last chance to extract before failing the mission but I don't have details about that one
  • Missions have several levels of completion depending on your objectives and therefore different rewards
  • If you made it successfully out you can approach another random mission like you're playing a campaign ("For this operation you're headed to Norway squad, so don't expect a warm welcome.")


While we probably won't see anything like that in the future Dice has already prepared additional Combined Arms content. The game files already include two missions for each remaining map we haven't seen yet in this mode. Here are the details:


High Intelligence: A German Fallshirmsjäger unit have taken control of a small village on top of a mountain overlooking the Narvik fjord. In their possession are documents describing times, dates and identifications of future German iron ore shipments leaving Narvik. Acquire the documents and extract with the intel.

Death from Above: Germans have set up an Artillery position on the mountainside above Narvik effectively controlling all movement in the fjord below. Insert in the area and destroy the guns to relieve the allied forces advancing below. Extract from the mountain by any means necessary.


Cold Case: German intelligence has uncovered name lists of the Norwegian resistance groups operation in the northern part of the country. Recover the documents from the invaders and extract from the area to an awaiting boat moored along the coast.

Snowmen: A group of high-ranking German officers has arrived at Narvik to oversee the shipment of iron ore to the fatherland. Assassinating the officers will seriously hamper the progress of shipment and weaken the enemy. Extract at the bombed-out village on the slopes above the docks.


Redundant Regime: The German airfield has been successfully neutralized, grounding most airplanes but reinforcements are coming. Use this weakened opportunity to move into the hangar and eliminate their commanders. Once done extract from the area.

Desert Destruction: German artillery guns stationed around the airfield are causing devastation to our troops moving in to take control of the base. Spearhead the troops and take out the guns. If possible, make use of enemy resources in the area. They can help you significantly. Return and report when mission accomplished.


Cathedral Cutthroats: A unit of German soldiers are sweeping through the rubbles of Rotterdam trying to weed out any allied forces still stationed in the city. Move in and neutralize them at the cathedral before they reach our base of operations. Extract in the opposite direction to throw off any leads.

Silent Zone: German forces have established their HQ in the bombed-out library. Infiltrate the location and gather any intelligence you can find in there. Extract from the area and inform High Command of your findings.

As you can see they're practicallly identical to the previous missions and not very inspired.

Final note

One last bit is a small hint for one or more Cominbed Arms missions taking place on the Panzerstorm map but I couldn't find anything interesting about this one yet.

That's about it for Combined Arms and as you can see the developers were definitely aiming for some kind of Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay and feeling but couldn't pull it together in the end…

Thanks for your support and let's hope we'll get a kick ass new roadmap with juicy content this week!

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