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Battlefield V is without a doubt, the most infuriating BF to date.

Battlefield 5 - Battlefield V is without a doubt, the most infuriating BF to date.

The netcode is not good.

Right now that I'm seeing my bullets make impact on the enemy but no damage. I've died several times whilst I was around a corner (which was solid cover) I have shot so many targets behind bushes only for those shots not to go through (bulletproof bushes??) and lastly the countless times I've shot a tank only for my shot to just not do ANY damage at all. It's unacceptable. TTK and TTD also feel.. inconsistent, I have around 70-90fps and I'll just die to a single shot, now I'm sure the fast TTK is also to blame but sometimes it just doesn't feel like it's working as intented.

The performance and stability. (This relates to the netcode paragraph)

It's quicker to ALT+F4 than it is to either: quit BFV in general or to get back to the main menu when the game is over. Secondly the stutters and crashing is just still here as if it's here to stay. It's one thing to have little content or slow content but when the foundations of the game are just so bad it makes everything worse.

The content drip feeding is shit. Just is.

Waiting weeks for any new actual pieces of content is too damn long, at this rate we are going the get the chauchat in 2034. Waiting a week to unlock a knife/facepaint or a skin is not adding gameplay but instead its just streching time in-between the actual gameplay content: maps, guns and vehicles. I'm not saying that I'm against skins, melee and cosmetics but they don't actually add game and shouldn't be the only thing to unlock for a whole week. It's made even worse when there is a month straight of melee and face paints since one who wants gameplay content must wait even longer and makes the wait not worth it in some cases.

Dice's inability to listen to the community.

The community has been asking for rational things like: better stability, better monetization, better communication with the DICE team and it's community (A.K.A Community managers being so vague) and it's still not improved. The team seriously needs to address these issues, fix the problems and then move forward. If not tell us why everything is going to shit, tell us that it's just a skeleton crew or whatever it is. We just want that clarity.

Who is the target audience?


This game wants the raise the skill ceiling and get people to PTFO but it adds MMG/Anti-Tank Rifles and has visibility issues. Which makes for a really annoying experience if you wish to go on the attack but adds more incentive for people to just camp and not play the objective. Secondly you've got the really fast TTK which means that this game is far more of a twitch shooter than it is a game of tactics, I'm not saying this as if its 100% of the time but in BF1, BF4 and BF3 you could actually fight back but in BFV you're dead instantly.

The balance.

I'll use recon as an example: His gadets are interesting but the only gadget that really helps his squad and team is the spawn beacon and flare gun. If a recon doesn't use a spawn beacon he isn't being a good backbone for his squad and same goes for the flare gun, without it he really is not able to help his team attack an objective. What makes this even worse is that recon only has one gun which is for close combat and it's not even that good. Recon's balance just makes no fucking sense and because of this, you rarely get recon's playing the objective that flare the objectives and keep the squad near the objective with the spawn beacon.

Our patience and trust.

Battlefield 5 was my first battlefield where I was able to get onto the hype train and buy it on release since I was always late to the party and after buying the deluxe edition and origin premier which cost me about £89 or about €91/113.00USD and I seriously was so saddened that my first experince with a BFV lanch was so bad. Dying in a single frame, lack of infantry focused maps and the amount of bugs which hasn't changed in the number of bugs still in the game.

Last words.

Please don't go out of your way to send hate to any of the DICE employees, it won't do anything and will just make you look like a right twat. Also I'm sorry if I missed a cruital fault with the game or something, I wrote this initially with anger but as I continued to write I began calm down and wrote with a clearer mind. I just want this game to feel like it was worth my purchase and that it's only going to get better from here, I believe that it's never going to get better. Firestorm and 5V5 is not what battlefield is about and I seriously worry about the future of BFV. Are they going to make the next BF a live service game? Will that game also be a mess?

Thanks for reading. Good health to you, your friends and your family.

(EDIT: I added in target audience and balance paragraphs.)

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