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Battlefield V Weekly Debrief – December 8th

Battlefield 5 - Battlefield V Weekly Debrief - December 8th

Welcome to the December 8th edition of the Battlefield V Weekly Debrief!

This past week our communications and game improvement updates included the following highlights (which you can learn more about further down the article):

This Week’s Highlights

  • Launch – Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture is Available Worldwide on All Platforms – This update available to anyone who owns Battlefield V introduces Panzerstorm (new map), the Practice Range, War Story: The Last Tiger, Vehicle Visual Customization, a Week Mission that leads to the VGO MMG unlock, and base game improvements.
  • New Trailer –

    – The trailer to provides top-level rundown of the Chapter 1: Overture content and weekly missions.
  • Update NotesChapter 1: Overture Update Notes – 14-pages of improvements!

Known Issues – Hot Updates

  • All Platforms
    • Footstep Audio
      • We know there’s been some issues with the footstep audio.
      • Status: We’re currently testing proposed updates and hope to roll these out soon.
    • Throwing Knives are Not Accessible for Rank 9+ Recons
      • Status: This is now fixed, players that are level 9 and above can claim the Throwing Knife from the Armory.
    • Panzerfaust Improvements Confusion
      • We realize we put a lot of emphasis on the elements we "buffed" with the Panzerfausts and not enough about the “nerfs”. The maximum damage of the Panzerfaust has dropped. In all normal cases, the Panzerfaust will take more hits to kill all tanks, making tanks more survivable. The 5 damage hits were only rare edge cases of poor hits (less than 10 damage). Yes, while they are 3x better now, it's still only approximately 15 damage. When hitting a tank on its side, we've dropped the damage from approx. 50 to an estimated 25. From the rear, you used to be able to 2-shot a tank – now it takes at least 3 hits.
    • Company Coin Retroactive Award (to be completed)
      • Status: We’re currently investigating a proposed fix that will retroactively award players who reached Max Rank 50 prior to the recent Max Rank 50 Company Coin accrual fix (the previous issue did not allow Max Rank 50 to accrue Company Coin anymore). This retroactive award will credit player inventories with the appropriate Company Coin for time spent in game at Max Rank 50 where players were not receiving new Company Coin. Apologies on previously communicating that the retroactive award was processed – there was a miscommunication between teams. Thanks for the understanding.
    • New Skin Prices
      • We’ve received reports that the Company Coin prices for some skins are quite high.
      • Status: We are taking a look at all prices and adjusting appropriately.
    • Not Getting the Tiger I Skin for Completing War Story: The Last Tiger
      • Status: We’re currently investigating. Hold tight!
  • PC
    • Game Crashes After Chapter 1: Overture Update
      • Status: Workaround provided below.
      • If you find Battlefield V is crashing post-update and you have an AMD graphics card, updating your Radeon graphics driver will make things more stable.
      • We’ve had reports of crashing on AMD cards with Radeon driver version 18.11.1 in single-player and multiplayer modes. We’re working with AMD on this, but in the meantime updating to Radeon version 18.2.1 will improve things for you.
  • Xbox One & PlayStation 4
    • Controller Vibrations are Not Working on Grand Operations
      • Controller vibrations do not work when playing Grand Operations.
      • Status: We’ve identified the issue and will be fixed in an upcoming update.
    • The PS4 and X1 chat logs are no longer showing up after the update.
      • Status: This is a known issue. We are looking into this.

Communications Archive for Week of December 3rd

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Battlefield V Chapter 1: Overture Week 2 Mission starts next week – unlock the Axis Ratburner Helmet

Sneak Peek into Communications Roadmap for Week of December 10th

  • Coming Next Week
    • Launch
      • Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Week 2 Mission – On Thursday, December 13th at 00:00 UTC the first weekly mission ends, and the Week 2 Mission begins. Complete the requirements and unlock the Axis Ratburner Helmet!
  • Minor Update
    • Battlefield V 12-11-2018 Update – A smaller update will roll out next week on Tuesday, December 11th that will resolve some EoR hang and crashes.
  • Blogs
    • Chapter 1: Overture, Week 2 Mission Tips
    • How to Fight and Win as a Squad
    • How to Lead a Squad
    • How to Get Reinforcements
    • Battlefield V 12-11-2018 Update Notes
    • Airlift Items Are On Their Way – Details on Airlifts you’ve received and what to expect going forward.
  • Livestreams
    • Battlefield Weekly Hosted by EA UK – Tune in as the EA UK Battlefield Community Team plays through the Week 2 Mission and the latest Chapter 1: Overture content.

Community Feedback Cycle on This Week’s Communications

  • The Last Tiger
    • I’ve completed The Last Tiger but did not get the Tiger I skin reward. What’s up?
    • Dan Mitre (Global Community Manager): This is a known issue that we are working to resolve asap.
  • Throwing Knives
    • Any plans to fix the throwing knife accessibility for Rank 9+ Recons?
    • DM: This is now fixed, players that are level 9 and above can claim the Throwing Knife from the Armory.
  • Planes
    • The nerf on fighter planes seem a bit drastic. Can you explain the decision behind this?
    • Alan Kertz (Design Director): We currently collating all plane feedback. Effectively what we are seeing is players who adjusted to overpowered weapons are concerned the meta has changed. We’ve identified some areas of improvement: the reload time for bombs is probably too long, we’re further balancing Panzerfausts vs plane 1-hit kills, and the cannon ammo nerf was aggressive.
  • Update Stability
    • The latest update still seems to have some crashes and game issues that weren’t addressed. When can we expect another update to resolve these?
    • DM: Yes, we are prioritizing crash and hang issues and hope to resolve with a hot fix next week.
    • The infinite loading screen seems to still be present. Any fix coming through soon?
    • DM: Ditto here. We hope to resolve with a hot fix next week.
  • Weekly Challenges
    • There seems to be an issue with completing the Week 1 assignment. Specifically, the Hold the Fort challenge is not tracking properly. We’re also seeing issues with other challenge requirements. Will we see a fix soon?
    • DM: This is a known issue and we’re working diligently to resolve asap.
  • Practice Range
    • Will you be adding more functionality to the Practice Range, such as being able to use weapon specializations and sidearms?
    • Katerina Waern (Producer): The Practice Range will keep evolving over the course of Tides of War and we are continuously listening to player feedback and adjusting to cater to the community’s needs. Weapon specializations and sidearms is something that has been requested by the community and it is something that we will consider in the future.
  • UI
    • The PS4 and X1 chat logs are no longer showing up after the update. Is this a known issue?
    • DM: Yes, this is a known issue. We are looking into this.
  • Weapons
    • When will the bipod issues be addressed?
    • Florian Le Bihan (Core Gameplay Designer): We are looking at the bipod as well as the prone experience that directly impacts the use of the bipod. In the next major update, we will be bringing some improvements that will reduce bipod issues caused by prone and some more will be making their way in the future as well as changes to the bipod itself. No clear ETA on that just yet but we need to improve that experience!
  • Spotting
    • When will the ‘kill spot’ issue be resolved? (Getting spotted when killing an enemy.)
    • FLB: We are currently investigating.
  • Customization
    • We want the ability to change our Tanker and Pilot soldier so it’s consistent with our main Assault/Medic/Support/Recon soldier. Can we expect customization to extend to Tanker and Pilot?
    • AK: We’re investigating feasibility of expanding customization to Tanker and Pilot.
  • Modes
    • My controller vibration on PS4 and/or X1 does not work in Grand Operations. Is this a known issue?
    • DM: We’ve identified the issue and will be fixed in an upcoming update.
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We hope you enjoyed this week’s Battlefield V Weekly Debrief. Be sure to tune in and discuss more with us on the Battlefield Twitter, Forums, Reddit, and Discord channels.

See you on the Battlefield!

– Dan Mitre, Global Community Manager, @dan_mitre

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