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Battlefield V Weekly Debrief – November 9th Early Access Launch Edition

Battlefield 8 - Battlefield V Weekly Debrief - November 9th Early Access Launch Edition

Welcome to the November 9th Early Access Launch Edition of the Battlefield V Weekly Debrief!

Before we jump into this week’s goodness, here’s a special message from your family at DICE…

Now, on to the show. In this communications update, we’ll be summarizing everything that went on during the past week within the Battlefield community, from major announcements to interactions with our developers at DICE.

Although most of you may have followed along with each beat, what you’ll benefit from by reading this article is seeing the feedback we collated from the community and what we’re doing to address/improve/confirm that item (caveat: there might have been some things we missed as we can’t quite talk about it yet).

Communications Archive for Week of November 5th

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Sneak Peak into Communications Roadmap for Week of November 12th

  • Coming Next Week
    • Deluxe Edition Launch
      • November 15thBattlefield V Deluxe Edition launches
    • Update
      • Battlefield V Deluxe Edition Update – New update coming to fix outstanding issues we’ve encountered during Early Access window. Full update notes coming soon.
    • Blogs
      • What’s New Overview & Launch Trailer Breakdown – Showcasing what’s new to the franchise with the introduction of Battlefield V, and providing a breakdown of the official launch trailer.
      • Battlefield V Bootcamp – Although delayed this week, we’ll be publishing bootcamp articles and videos with continual updates to help you along your journey in Battlefield V.

Community Feedback Cycle on This Week’s Communications

  • Announcement – Battlefield V’s Paratrooper Sets
    • Soldier Customization
      • Can I change my soldier’s face?
      • Dan Mitre (Global Community Manager): Yes. That’s done in the solider customization menu.
    • Firestorm Ranger Set
      • Can we use the Firestorm Ranger set in multiplayer and in Firestorm?
      • Arthur Rohart (Producer): Yes, you can use the set in MP and Firestorm.
      • Is the Firestorm Ranger set for both factions?
      • Steven Bigras (Producer): No, just the Allies.
      • Can we get a screenshot of the final Firestorm Ranger set?
      • SB: Yes! Here you go.

Battlefield V's Firestorm Ranger Set

  • Unlocking
    • With our Token, do we get to unlock the set we want?
    • DM: Yes. You choose the set you want to unlock with your Token.
    • When do we get the 2 Tokens from completing the Road to Battlefield V missions in BF1?
    • SB: After the last Road to Battlefield V stage ends, so November 20th.
  • Announcement – Origin Access Premier Pre-Loading & EA Access
    • Friend Referral Program
      • We'd love it if we could also get some details on the Friends Referral program. Do Origin Access Basic/Origin Access Premium members both get to invite their friends?
      • Alex Billman (Brand Manager): Yes. Origin Access Basic and Origin Access Premier members can invite friends. Note: the 7-day trial that they get is for Origin Access Basic, which lets your play 10hrs of BFV as well as everything else we have in Origin Access Basic.
      • Do the subscribers get 4 keys, or does it get activated automatically on the chosen accounts?
      • AB: It works with a shareable link. It is live now.
    • EA Access
      • If I own an Xbox with EA Access and the Deluxe Edition of Battlefield V installed can I play the Play First Trial?
      • AB: Yes.
      • If you have preloaded Deluxe on Xbox and you have EA Access, do you need to download a separate BFV trial on Nov 9th?
      • AB: You need to make sure you have preloaded two builds: the Enlister Offer pre-order bundle and the specific Deluxe Edition.
  • Blog – Battlefield V PC Player’s Performance Guide
    • DXR
      • When will DXR be available?
      • Christian Holmquist (Technical Director): DXR will be available with the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition update, so next week.
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We hope you enjoyed this week’s Battlefield V Weekly Debrief. Be sure to tune in and discuss more with us on the Battlefield Twitter, Forums, Reddit, and Discord channels.

See you on the Battlefield!

– Dan Mitre, Global Community Manager, @dan_mitre


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