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Battlefield 3 - Battlefield VII idea

Obviously ahead of the curve here seeing as we just had V but its mainly for the namesake.

Battlefield 7 – Seven years war.

Seven years war, aka "world war zero" spanned the globe involving every major power and continent. Theres countless great options for battles and interesting changes of landscape and also offers a great option for older conflicts to avoid repetition of old titles and or guns. I know personally me and my mates enjoyed Battlefield 1 even more so for its "not overdone" setting.

Anyway here's my rough ideas for fun.

Battlefield 77 years war


  • Rifleman – sniper variant with rifled barrel, sidearm gun: flintlock pistol, tools: bear-traps, melee: axe

  • Infantryman – normal soldier with musket, benefits of smoothbore – higher chance of maiming compared to rifles, less accurate, more damage. Alt gun: Blunderbuss, sidearm gun: 2x pistols (very slow reload but fired in succession, strapped across chest), melee: sabre. Extra benefits if grouped together, see battalions.

  • Medic – carbines, sidearm: 2x pistols, 3 tools -> bandages, saw, bronze syringe, melee: cleaver, sabre

  • Captain – 4x pistols, melee: sabre + metal breastplate, tools: call in naval cannon bombardment or off-map land cannons if not coastal battle, Chinese signal flare

  • Cannoneer – semi-rare pick ~6/team. Uses 1 man cannon. Massive damage and guaranteed maiming + splash.

Rare picks

  • Cavalry ~3/team

  • Heavy cannon: ~3/team, 2 person use (2 person process: 1 readying moving or readying shell, one aiming/firing)

  • Ships! (1-2/team, 5 person vehicle, requires 1 person to pilot and up to 4 to fire, with 2 cannons each side and a cannon at each "seat" (anyone who's played SoT knows what I'm talking about)

  • Elephants! (Mughal only 1-2/map)

Capturing zones

Need to cap zones within small radius – also needs at least 5 people, further encouraging squad and battalion play


New mechanic, similar to tank part damage but now for personnel, blowing off leg slows movement and cant kneel, only lie, maybe chance to fall. Blowing off arm slows reload, can still melee normally. Can only be healed by saw tool in medic arsenal


New mechanic, if 10 people close proximity = battalion group For any units: damage resistance, accuracy boost.

For infantryman in a battalion: damage resistance, accuracy boost PLUS 2x reload speed.

1/2 boost in squad (5 people), full boost in battalion (10 people).


Westminster Coalition – Britain, Prussia, Portugal

Versailles Alliance – France, Spain, Austria, Russia


-North america -> British, French, Native Americans, Spanish

-South america -> Spanish v Portuguese

-Europe -> British, Prussian v French, Spanish, Austrian, Russian

-India -> British, French, Mughal

-Africa -> British, French

Faction changes

Nil cannons on native american side, but replaced by 2x the horses. Natives get horse archers + spears, Europeans have swordsmen/lance and riflemen.

Elephants only on Mughal.

Anyway so that's my idea, I would play the shit out of it. Something different, any thoughts?

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