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Best Weapons: My completely subjective weapon tier rankings after 13 days and 19 hours of play time

Battlefield 3 - Best Weapons: My completely subjective weapon tier rankings after 13 days and 19 hours of play time

Let me preface with the fact that I play very aggressively and pretty much don't use MMGs at all so I'm leaving those out since I don't have enough playtime with them. My stats can be found at (yeah I have no life).



  • Ag m/42 – The best one-on-one gun in the game. Insanely fast fire rate and high damage means you'll absolutely delete people at medium to long ranges. Virtually no recoil and high bullet velocity makes deleting people a breeze when you're at medium-long ranges. Use the 3x scope on this and every other semi auto rifle. (666 kills, 2.13 KPM)
  • Turner SMLE – Probably my favorite gun in big game modes like breakthrough. Essentially a Mas-44 with a 20 round magazine which can help you delete squads, even at longer ranges. (1,240 kills, 2.10 KPM)
  • Mas-44 – Great damage, low recoil, highest bullet velocity (i think). Lots of people consider the Mas the be the best gun in the game and its hard to argue, but I prefer the faster fire rate of the Ag or the larger magazine of the Turner. (1,687 kills, 2.11 KPM)


  • Gewehr 1-5 – Best for pubstomping big groups of enemies. Just keep moving and keep tapping and rack up the kills. Turner can kill quicker, but the Gewehr has a larger magazine with a quicker reload. (746 kills, 2.23 KPM)
  • M1907SF – 1v1 cancer in CQB. You can even tap/burst fire out to medium ranges pretty effectively. Use to compete with medics or shotguns on those smaller maps. I prefer this with the Nydar sights for fast target acquisition. (1,457 kills, 1.89 KPM)
  • Selbstlader 1916 – Big magazine, best range in class. Can't bail you out in closer rangers like other semi-autos can but great for ranged use. (327 kills, 2.35 KPM)
  • Riberyrolles 1918 – Laser accurate fully auto assault rifle. Slow fire rate and smallish magazine, but the accuracy really makes up for it. Love using this with iron sights. (837 kills, 2.04 KPM)
  • M1A1 Carbine – Funny that I find this weapon so low on my list but its the assault weapon I have the most kills with (3,664 kills, 2.11 KPM). 31 round magazine and the same fire rate as the Ag m/42. Great medium range weapon you can spam headshots with.
  • Gewehr 43 – Can someone enlighten me on why you would use this gun over the Ag m/42? The Ag literally just seems like its better in every aspect. Still a great gun like every gun in the assault class. (226 kills, 1.61 KPM)


  • Stg-44 – I feel dirty putting the Stg-44 so low because its definitely one of my favorites (1,957 kills, 1.81 KPM). Amazing with the 3x scope and can even compete at long ranges once you switch to semi-auto fire. You can full auto pretty far once you learn the recoil. Use 3x or irons.
  • Sturmgewehr 1-5 – Once again, I can't believe this weapon is this low because I absolutely love it (3,150 kills, 2.05 KPM). This gun is pretty much in between the 1907sf and the Stg 44 in terms of range. I run irons or the nydar sight on it and use it very aggressively. Better than the STG up close, better than the 1907 at range and against bigger groups.



  • Suomi KP/31 – Two great routes on the spec tree. Increased rate of fire for dominating 1v1s, extended mag for the big flanks. Can be hard to control the recoil but once you learn it, you can be a nightmare with this gun. (1,208 kills, 2.35 KPM)


  • ZK-383 – There are two great routes on the spec tree here. Increased ROF with the Nydar sight is what I usually go with but the extended mag/increased velocity with iron sights is also great. More controllable than the extended mag suomi or thompson, but with smaller magazine, although it reloads quickly. (1,261 kills, 2.12 KPM)
  • M1928A1 – A worse suomi in my opinion, but a lot of people find this easier to control. Pretty sure it has a faster reload which makes in fun with the increased ROF, but its also great with the extended mag. I also prefer the sights of the suomi way more. I use either the reflex or the aperture sight. (245 kills, 1.76KPM)
  • EMP – Most underrated SMG. Basically an MP40 with a higher ROF. I use the hip fire specs and it makes the gun a hip fire laser. (839 kills, 1.76 KPM)
  • MP34 – The best ranged SMG. You can use the increased ROF for a more versatile CQB SMG, or extended mag for ranged use. Also has access to a bayonet which is criminally underrated. Iron sights are too clean. (594 kills, 1.45 KPM)


  • MP40/Sten – Essentially the same guns, but they're basically a slightly more accurate EMP but with a lower ROF. Great hipfire up close, laser ADS at medium range. I use iron sights or Nydar for both and they're both really solid SMGs. (893 kills, 1.58 KPM) (280 kills, .98 KPM)
  • MP28 – Great SMG for big mag, accurate hipfire, but I prefer the Suomi in every situation. (219 kills, 1.68 KPM)



  • FG-42 – Currently my favorite gun in the entire game. Use as an assault rifle and this gun shreds close to medium range. Set up the bipod and you can easily full auto long range targets. Takes a little to master the recoil, but its unstoppable once you do. Great hipfire up close with the spec, high ROF, high damage, I love this gun. Bonus points for having access to a bayonet. Use with reflex sight. (987 kills, 1.87 KPM)
  • Lewis Gun – The most underrated gun in the game. God tier suppression/spotting once you combine the extended mag with the machine gunner perk. Use with the irons and just full auto enemies at any range. If you miss, you'll spot them quickly and then its easy money mowing them down. Stay slightly behind the frontlines so the enemies focus fire on the threats that are closer to them, and just keep holding the fire button and move/wiggle around so you don't get sniped in the head. (3,882 kills, 2.16 KPM)
  • M1897 – My favorite shotgun in the game. I have it ahead of the drilling because you can clear out so many enemies with a good flank and it has more range than the 12g automatic. (2,583 kills, 2.31 KPM)


  • M30 Drilling – Slightly more range/damage than the trench gun but its double barrel, so if theres more than 2 enemies, you're screwed. Sniper rifle round is awesome to get headshots with but with a shotgun you want to be pushing the frontlines, not sitting back sniping. (108 kills, 1.46 KPM)
  • Bren Gun – Best long range support weapon. Slap a 3x on and full auto at any range. Downsides are that its an ugly gun that blocks your view and has a slower ROF so isn't very effective up close, but not bad. (199 kills, 1.47 KPM)


  • KE7 – Never really used the KE7 much, even before the nerfs. The FG42 seems to outclass it in just about every aspect. (237 kills, 1.42 KPM)
  • 12g Automatic – A good alternative to the trench gun, but it has slighly less range so you'll have less one shot kills, but follow up shots are easier and you could have a potential 7 shells instead of 5. Heard slugs are good, but I'm more of a buckshot type of guy. (130 kills, 2.1 KPM)



  • Lee Enfield -10 round magazine + fastest ROF = Best choice for aggressive recon. Don't underestimate the power of two quick body shots when you have a moving target either. If you only end up hitting them once, they'll be spotted (assuming you're using the sniper perk) and at half heath so chances are you'll end up getting an assist + a spot assist. Equip this (and every bolt action) with a bayonet to give yourself a CQB 1v1 bailout option. (643 kills, 1.56 KPM)
  • Krag Jorgenson – Best choice for long range sniping. Put on low drag rounds and there quite literally no bullet drop until pretty far. (1,294 kills, 1.58 KPM)


  • Gewehr M95/30 – This one feels like its the middle ground between the Ross rifle and the Kar 98k. All the bolt action snipers are great weapons, but I don't see too much incentive to use anything other than the Krag or Lee Enfield (294 kills 1.87 KPM)
  • Kar 98k – Highest body shot damage, but a slow rate of fire. Bullet velocity is almost as good as the Krag. (262 kills, 1.39 KPM)
  • Ross Rifle – Slightly higher velocity than the Lee Enfield, and slightly lower ROF but with half the magazine. (63 kills, 1.58 KPM)


  • Selbstlader 1906 – Can equip the 2x which is nice. Also has a good 2 hit kill range. I don't use the SLRs that much as I'd rather just use Assault or the Lee Enfield. (34 kills 1.79 KPM)
  • ZH-29 – Another good SLR with a quicker reload than the Selbstlader 1906, but no 2x scope. (44 kills, 1.42 KPM)


  • Model 8 – Has a higher rate of fire than the other 3, but the worst range. Best used aggressively (71 kills, 1.39 KPM)
  • RSC – 1 extra bullet compared to the Model-8, but slower ROF. (I actually just realized that this is the only gun I'm yet to try in this game)

Other general tips:

  • Use bayonets! I feel like I'm the only one I see utilizing them but they are invaluable up close, especially for recon. Hear footsteps around the corner? Charge them with your trusty bayonet and you can surprise the hell out of people. You can also juke people out by moving left and right, aiming left and right to steer, and even jumping during the charge.
  • I always use the Kukri as my melee weapon as I believe it swings the fastest out of all the melees that do 55 damage. It also has some pretty quick animations. I know some people like the hatchet for breaking windows but it always seemed inconsistent to me.
  • Pretty much no reason to use anything other than the revolver for your sidearm. 1 shot headshot up close or 2 body shots. The Repetierpistole M1912 is decent if you don't like the revolver. It has the fastest rate of fire and a high magazine size so you can hip fire spam it quite efficiently
  • Don't ever bother with the health crate medic gadget. Just look at teammates and spam the health pouch to make sure your team is healed up. Both Field Medic and Combat medic perks are useful, but I prefer the combat medic because the speed boost is passive and the longer range on melees is useful when you're in a pickle.
  • Conversely, don't both with the ammo pouch for support. The crate is so much better. You can resupply everyone's gadgets, which means more flares, more PIATs, more dynamite, etc. Both perks are useful in game, but my favorite is machine gunner. Suppression doesn't have some sort of in game mechanic, but people don't want to be shot so after you send a few bullets their way they start to feel the pressure and look for cover. Plus you spot every one you suppress which is pretty much a guarantee that someone will end up securing the kill. The engineer is useful if you're using stationary weapons or as a passenger for a tank so you can hop out and repair the tank quickly.
  • Both of the recon perks are useful as well. Pathfinder lets you spawn on other recon's spawn beacons, and sniper allows you to spot enemies that you hit. I think spotting is what wins games in BFV and therefore usually stick to the Sniper perk, but you have to be sure to set up your spawn beacon to keep your squad in the fight.
  • The assault perks aren't too useful compared to the other classes. Light infantry lets you pick up more ammo from fallen enemies/teammates, and Vehicle buster spots vehicles you hit with explosives. I choose light infantry usually so I don't have to go to the resupply stations as often, but spotting enemy vehicles can kinda useful when paired with a panzerfaust, assuming you have friendly armor in the area that didn't see the enemy tank in the first place.
  • Don't underestimate the usefulness of a balanced squad. Every team needs some of each class. No medics on your team? Play medic. No recons? Play recon etc.

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