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[BF1] [BFV] Campers, Specialized Squads, Squad Orders and Vehicle Whores

Battlefield 8 - [BF1] [BFV] Campers, Specialized Squads, Squad Orders and Vehicle Whores

A type of hated Battlefield player is the vehicle whore. Vehicle whores as the name suggests are the ones that deploy in vehicles. Some even stay on the deploy screen holding the mouse or racing to move the left stick. Don’t stay on the deploy screen. Instead deploy as a class your squad doesn’t have and balance your squad as all things should be. Furthermore, if one deploys in a vehicle by dying and seeing a vehicle available then don’t camp in the vehicle. Especially so if it’s a Behemoth. No vehicles camped in the Great War or in WWII. If one insists on preserving their precious K/D that supplements for something they lack size in then deploy as Support or Scout or Recon and defend an objective from within the capture area. If one’s squad don’t have specialized roles (i.e. Squad leader is Medic, 2 is Assault, 3 is Support, 4 is Scout and 5 is in a vehicle or an Elite Class) then deploy as a class not in the squad or ask with mic for them to do so. The issue is most common in the Mortar Landship and Mortar Artillery Truck. During the last Operation Campaign Eastern Storm I was the sponson gunner of a Mortar Landship. The driver wasn’t even within range yet still fired the rear mounted heavy mortar at what I wonder? The rear mounted heavy mortar has a range of 75 meters. After firing the rear mounted heavy mortar, the driver is supposed to destroy barbed wire so the infantry can breakthrough. Stop only if needed to fire the machine gun until the rear mounted heavy mortar is reloaded. Repeat. The Mortar Artillery Truck isn’t historically accurate and is a waste of warbonds as the Artillery Truck variant every player has is well free. The only time camping is acceptable is defending an objective from within the capture area. If you encounter a camper I humbly beseech you to ask them via chat to “Go go go!” If the camper doesn’t move deploy as a Support with Smoke Grenades and Ammo Box equipped so you have infinite Smoke Grenades. Force them to move by blocking their line of sight. With Behemoths politely message the driver or captain to capture and or defend objectives as needed or to simply get within range to use all the Behemoth’s weapons. Order the squad to attack or defend an objective according to other squad orders. If 4 squads are attacking objective Butter then defend objective Apples. “<...> a single squad playing the objective effectively can make a huge difference to a team.” The squads should be evenly divided up to all the objectives. If the number of squads is odd then reinforce an objective being lost or act as reserves for where the attack is stalling.


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