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[BF1] This is the first Battlefield game that I outright can’t get into.

Battlefield 8 - [BF1] This is the first Battlefield game that I outright can't get into.

I've tried and tried but this one isn't doing it for me. I've got a lot of criticisms, and a lot of pent up steam to release. Why here? Well cause this is where I see the most recommendations for BF1, none of which let people know about the game's considerable downsides.

Between the horrid map design, poor gameplay choices, camper spam, frustrating gunplay, and arcadey powerup style elite classes and behemoths, I just cannot. I truly want to, both cause I spent money on it and cause WW1 has some of the coolest aesthetics possible for a video game to make use of. All these bad things aren't so bad on their own, but add up to turn this game into spawn/kill/die/spawn/die/spawn/die/spawn/kill/die so on so forth, rather than anything that feels tactical and thought out.

Maps are dogshit, plain and simple. Most of them are actively avoided for their bad balance. Lots have this three lane map design feel that was very popular back when this came out. For conquest, many are too linear, and don't break up line of sight between large swathes of the map enough. Suez is a worst case example of this, and Argonne is horrid for the bad choke points. Lots of the DLC maps aren't worth the money, either.

Weapons are unbalanced, I'd rather die than use an SMG most of the time. Medics are ironically better frontline combatants than assaults up until assaults get their top tier guns like the annihilator or whatever it's called. Scouts don't even have to headshot anymore and the bullet drop/speed makes sniping easier, meaning I can hardly get an inch on these open and empty patches of map without a sniper axing me. DICE went overboard simulating garbo WW1 vehicle suspension; you're more likely to get struck by lightning twice than kill someone from the gunner seat in a moving car.

Gunplay is frustrating as hell. I can't tell you how many of my deaths that weren't bug related (quite a lot have been bug related) had to do with the fact that my gun spread could probably paint the stars on the Brazilian flag. Even if I try to control burst and sacrifice DPS, it's just silly with almost all weapons. Supports have to prone to have reliable accuracy at anything over close range, which leaves them wide open for snipers and whatever schmuck is trying to flank. Medics are alright, their weapons do decent damage with semi decent accuracy and great control.

64 players in a server is too much for these maps. 1000 tickets is too short for me. 11-ish seconds to respawn makes me impatient. All of these were things that could be fixed in private servers if you so inclined, but they've been effectively axed. Sure I can't be banned by some admin on a clickbaity server, but at what cost?


Scout sweetspot is the dumbest mechanic I have ever heard of, and has no place in Battlefield. Something some people don't understand is that fixing one problem is pointless if you introduce two more. Sure I see less players being useless by sniping from across the map, what I see instead is a legion of scouts camping much closer on any of the countless camping spots in the poorly designed maps. I've died more to scouts than any other class, simply because I get shot and instakilled by one before I can possibly react. Most of the time you can't fight back, because most guns in this game have the effective range of a cumshot, so you can only try to hide. Yet, big open maps, so usually your hiding spot is a rock, and they just grenade spam you out from behind it with gas or some shit. Scouts in Battlefield were NEVER about raw kills, they are the ultimate support player who helps force people into cover so other players can axe them, and with BF3 and BF4, they were incredibly useful for getting behind "enemy lines." In BF1, it's just EZ sniper mode. I don't pretend to be a bad sniper, but even a good sniper can pick up a BF1 scout and go "woah, this is insanely powerful."

Elites and behemoths are silly. Battlefield, for several games, was where a small handful of players at any given time are in vehicles and have immense power at their fingertips, able to help shift entire games if they are good at it. This has its downsides and frustrations, but I'd say it's part of what makes Battlefield Battlefield. This hasn't changed, except the downsides are exacerbated because vehicles are much harder to take out now. Why on EARTH would we add another flavor of that same immense power? Elites can do tremendous damage and eat lead, while behemoths are even more powerful vehicles. Both make me feel like I'm playing Battlefront, not Battlefield.

Weapon customization is super lame. DICE was clearly very inconsistent about where to take creative liberties with WW1. Soldiers running around in historically inaccurate (but often cool looking) uniforms, most soldiers not being equipped with bolt actions, etc. Yet, they put their foot down on the weapon attachments themselves? Why, except to be lazy? I don't mind historical inaccuracy, it was clear from the start that BF1 was meant to be a WW1 themed shooter, not a WW1 simulator; if I wanted that, I'd go for Verdun. It's just silly to extend the creativity to some things and backtracking on others that would greatly benefit the game.

Lastly, and definitely most importantly… I want to play the American support more! Look at that dude, you can't make a model that cool and force me to play as a dinky German support instead! This is a crime!

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