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[BF4] My top 6 worst maps in Battlefield 4 according to gameplay and feel

Battlefield 7 - [BF4] My top 6 worst maps in Battlefield 4 according to gameplay and feel

6: Dragon Pass

For me, the map feels way too big and way too much emphasis on vehicle domination (not to mention the constant no man’s land standstill at the central bridge), and the whole feel of the map just feels extremely congested and “choked”, it feels bright but dark at the same time, and just generally i feel that there’s next to nothing I can do as an infantry other than spamming Javelins and SMAWs.

5: Operation Metro

Some people love it, some hate it, and I’m definitely one of those who hate it. Most of the battlefield maps in this list are tolerable for me, the core gameplay of BF4 keeps me playing regardless of the map. Well, Operation Metro is an exception. When that shit comes on Second Assault servers I just leave. There’s nothing to do in this map other than spawncamp and be spawncamped. The only thing I tried on this map was going Recon as RU, throwing 3 smokes down the escalator, sprinting to the US spawn with no one noticing, and putting a spawn beacon, and then I would run out and SPAS-12 multiple squads in the back, but even then that got old fast. Overall: nothing to do, it’s just a constant clusterfuck and it honestly makes you want to question life as you see 3 RU squads go down the left flank and promptly get fucked by MP-APS and M249s. The one redemption in this map though is that it actually gives me a reason to use infantry-related gadgets like the Ballistic Shield.

4: Flood Zone

There’s 2 things innovative about this map: the Levolution, and the fact that they somehow made Operation Locker’s clusterfuck worse and open-air at the same time. I have NO idea what I’m shooting at on this map, no idea where I’m being shot from, and the entire server is only at the rooftop flags, and some US snipers on the parking lot. It’s so cramped and full of graphic particles, it’s the only map that actually gives my PS4 frame drops when on the rooftops, not to mention the soldiers all camouflage way too well with the grayscale palette. Also, no one goes to the Gardens flag, no one. Not even the CN team themselves.

3: Gulf of Oman 2014

I’ll be honest, I want to like this map. I really want to. The feel is so good, it looks so good. Everytime Oman comes up on the loading screen I get so hyped up, i get in my RHIB and rush to the beach head… and no one’s there. Yup. I forgot. This map was designed for Conquest Assualt, but unfortunately that gamemode does not exist in BF4, so we’re stuck with regular conquest.. and that completely kills this map. The balance is god awful regardless of what team you’re on, Attack Helis dominate and more so when the sandstorm rolls in. Fuck that sandstorm so much. Just because it’s a desert doesn’t mean there always has to be a fucking sandstorm. It’s not even a Paracel Storm levolution where the storm comes in around the middle, the sandstorm in Oman comes nearly 3 minutes after the match starts. The way the map was designed also creates a situation where one team would have way too many tanks and IFVs, and it makes coming back from a spawncamp almost impossible unless tickets are set to max. If you’re down to one objective left and the other team has every other flag, it becomes a Washington DC situation where you are under an almost infinite and relentless assault by the other team with no way out, surrounded by up to 9 Tanks and IFVs and constant gun runs by enemy Attack Helis and AC-130s. And while it certainly looks cool, it doesn’t play cool at all.


2: Rogue Transmission

I have no idea what to do on this map. There’s no coordination at all, there’s nobody to follow around. There’s no “main force” that you can join and support, no one’s assaulting a single objective together that you can help. Hell even in a vehicle you’re completely lost, remember what I said about Dragon Pass? This is 5x worse, as an infantry you have never felt more helpless and questioning your purpose. This is one of the only maps where I have paused mid game and just left because of how boring it is. There’s only ever action at the construction site and somehow it still manages to play like utter garbage, people camp the roofs so much and it feels like Team Deathmatch over at the construction site, no coordinated assualt or anything. Just people spawning and looking for quick kills. Same goes for the one under the dish. It feels like there’s only ever 32 people on the map at once. It feels so empty. The only good thing about this map is the fact that Paracel Storm is next on the official map rotation.

Honorable Mentions:

These are bad, but they manage to have some redeeming quality that makes me not include them officially in my list.

Zavod 311

This map suffers more or less the same issues as Flood Zone, it’s too cramped and it’s very hard to see enemies, as well as vehicle domination in an infantry map. But the look and feel of the map is really good and it does a good job of reminding me how beautiful the Frostbite 3 engine is. The combat in the woods is also really unique, and I didn’t know it was possible but it really reminded me of World War 1 in a modernised way, it feels so grueling and slow while the enemy is just a few meters ahead of you, and you’re both hiding behind trees and rocks so much if anyone stands up they instantly get shot, but it feels so good and beautiful that if you die you probably won’t care. Not to mention that there isn’t a single objective in the woods, players willingly go there because it’s a faster flank for other flags, and since both teams have the same idea it becomes a standoff between the two teams. Also bonus points since it reminds me of Loose Ends from MW2 especially with that scout helicopter.

Caspian Border 2014

This is the definition of a “meh” map for me. It’s not bad but it’s really not good either and I can’t pinpoint why. If I had to play this map for the rest of my BF4 career I would probably cry. Firestorm also feels a little bit like this.

Pearl Market

Basically Flood Zone’s older brother. Still way too chaotic, but at least it feels somewhat organised and you kinda get the gist of where to go and when pretty quickly. Also, it’s really satisfying when you take an objective successfully, it’s like you just locked down an area of a large town and you’re moving with your team to the next sector (same with Propaganda).

And now for the worst map imo in all of Battlefield 4 (and also worst map in all of Battlefield for me):





Lancang Dam

This is the epitome of a bad map. It has every single vehicle, crammed into the size of Siege of Shanghai (no literally, look at the layout of SoS and compare it to Lancang), it has a Levolution that does absolutely nothing other than look slightly cool, it has almost no room at all for air vehicles let alone the fact that both teams have a mobile AA, it has an objective that isn’t the main focus but every player in the server makes it the main focus (compare Island flag to Warehouse flag in Golmud), and the fact that the map looks like utter shit, it’s almost completely grayscale, there’s no color to anything, the water is murky and muddy, there’s no sun at all, the grass is extremely dull and colorless, etc. It’s not like Flood Zone or Zavod where it looks decently good even though it’s set in unsanitary conditions, this map is just.. it IS the unsanitary.

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