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BF5 is done. What are some things you’d like to see in the next Battlefield iteration?

Battlefield 6 - BF5 is done. What are some things you'd like to see in the next Battlefield iteration?

I know its a long shot to expect such a good game from DICE at this point, but I really love this series and dont want it to die with BFV. Theres lots of stuff we've had in previous titles that could come back, as well as some stuff seen on other franchises that would be welcome. I hope its set on a modern/near-future time, if so

For me it should include:

  • Gunsmith customization (like Modern Warfare and Ghost Recon)
  • Go back to BF4 system of attachments
  • Cross-play
  • Being able to grab small packs of health and ammo from teammates
  • All vehicles are customizable (even transport choppers, jeeps and stuff should have unlockables)
  • Possibly an improved version of fortifications (so that they are relevant)
  • Premium (way better than live service) but imo maps or at least game modes could be free
  • Commander mode (like BF2 did it)
  • Possibly increased player count
  • Go back to how BF4 handled class-specific guns (dmrs, carbines and shotguns were all-class)
  • Go back to how BC2/BF3 handled maps (gameplay first, looks second(
  • If possible having levolution again would be cool
  • 2917931 bf4 - BF5 is done. What are some things you'd like to see in the next Battlefield iteration?
    Night versions of the maps
  • Carrier Assault (without the damned parachute spawns over the ships, and make them bigger)
  • Keeping squad revive would be cool
  • Some sort of mechanic to help the losing team like BF1 maybe (if losing by a large margin)
  • Multiple factions (maybe we could have a EU alliance?)
  • Honestly it would be nice to have the option to use Battlelog, but I doubt they bring it back
  • Proper support for community servers
  • Proper firing range
  • Proper CTE
  • Proper gameplay customization options (crosshair color, hud size, objetive transparency, etc)
  • Proper comm-rose
  • A sort of squad upgrade system like BF4 and a way for the squad leader to deploy stuff like BFV
  • I honestly would rather a real map like BF3/4 over the live-feed of BF1/V. A squad feed is good tho
  • Bring back core/hardcore separation. Or just make classic the default experience.
  • Bring back the BF3/4 HUD aesthetic instead of this battlefront-esque minimalist looking one
  • Bring back how BF3/4 handled spread, recoil, bloom, sway, damage, sniper range and so on
  • A ping system like many BR's have to mark a spot for enemies/traps/whatever
  • DICE Official servers for PC (to have the option to play all game modes not just conquest and tdm)

And last of all. Go back to being the semi-arcade shooter we know and love instead of trying to be this contraption of everything that is popular on the market currently like a BR-e-sports-COD thingy. Idk what happened to the company who made the games I've sinked more than 5000 hours together, but get your shit together before the most unique large-scale game we have loses its heart for good.

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