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[BF6]: Battlefield 6: A Cold World War experience

Battlefield 8 - [BF6]: Battlefield 6: A Cold World War experience

Ok so I was bored and I decided to write a bit about a BF6 that'd be set in an alternate reality in our Cold War where everything went to shit and an open conflict actually started. I started working on it and came up with some things, I'd be delighted to get any reviews or thoughts! 🙂 Keep in mind that it's nothing but a draft though


1982. 3 years back, USSR troops invaded Afghanistan to support the communist regime facing unrest. General Secretary Yuri Andropov swore to protect Soviet’s interests. Yet, the General Secretary seemed weakened just a few days after launching the assault on Afghanistan. With him being weakened, international observers speculated on a possible internal coup inside the Soviet leadership and that someone attempted to eliminate the Soviet leader. A part of the Soviet Army was indeed not satisfied of the direction that the Central Committee was taking
With Soviets invading Afghanistan, the situation in Moscow seemed to get worse in 1981 with some internal purges inside the Party and several sackings.
US and their allies saw the internal struggles that the USSR was facing as an opportunity to try to destabilize the country even more by attacking their assets in Afghanistan by deploying some undercover agents in the country. US and British Spec Ops were deployed while the French government protested against warmongering.
In late 1981, General Secretary Yuri Andropov was reportedly dead and Marshall Cherzov took office, claiming that “The interests of the Workers had to be protected against all threats, both from the inside and the outside.”
Well aware of the moves that the United States and the United Kingdom made in Afghanistan because of soviet intelligence data, Cherzov answered by attacking the cells NATO was creating inside Afghanistan. The Soviets used this a casus belli, well needed for a war that Cherzov was ready to make, trying to establish Soviet dominance near their borders.
In February 1982, Soviet Warships left from Murmansk and deployed in the Northern Sea while orders were given to countries from the Warsaw Pact to ready their armies to face against Western forces. Swedish planes were the first to engage soviet ships, violating their national waters. Shortly after, DDR forces launched a full-scale assault on the BRD, facing Franco-German troops…
Base Game factions:
-Soviet Union (Soviet Army, Soviet Mountain Troops)
-German Democratic Republic (Nationale Volksarmee)
-United States (US Army, US Marines)
-United Kingdom (British Army)
-French Republic (Armée de Terre, Troupes Aéroportées)
-German Federal Republic (Bundesheer)
-Kingdom of Sweden (Svenska Armén)
Base Maps:
-Bamyan Mountains (Afghanistan, large map with rural areas): US Marines vs Soviet Mountain troops
-Siege of Frankfurt (BDR, medium-sized map, rural area): Bundesheer (16 players) and Armée de Terre (16 players) vs Nationale Volksarmee
-Berlin’s parachute (DDR, small map, no heavy vehicles. NATO troops are para dropped at the start of the game ) Troupes Aéroportées vs Nationale Volksarmee
-Storm over Kabul (Afghanistan, medium-sized map, urban areas) British Army (16 players) and US Marines (16 players) vs Soviet Mountain Troops
-Pripyat (Ukraine, Soviet Union, large map, half urban half rural) US Army vs Soviet Army
-Murmansk’s Shipyard (Soviet Union, large map, naval assault) British Army (16 players) and US Army (16 players) vs Soviet Army
-Raid on Malmö (Sweden, large map, naval assault) Svenska Armén vs Soviet Army
-Push for Stuttgart (BDR, medium-sized map, urban) Armée de Terre (16 players) and Bundesheer (16 players) vs Soviet Army (16 players) and National Volksarmee
Special classes:
Two teams on every map with some different armies inside the teams on some maps. One commander/team and 16 players/armies.
Squads of 4.
Squad Leaders (Can be from a regular class): Can give orders and ask commander for heavy offensive support. Can call in special vehicles, call light artillery barrage and smoke barrages. (Need points won by cooperating with the squad)
Commanders (Specific role): Command squads, provide intel and intelligence to soldiers on the ground. Can call in heavy strikes (Rockets barrage, napalm strike, gunships, ballistic missiles) as well as resupplying crates, can parachute small vehicles or deploy a flying spawning beacon (Gunship). Work in tight cooperation with squad leaders. Can send reconnaissance planes and ask for airstrikes. Can order pilots to attack a specific area or target.
Regular classes:
­-Assault (Designed for close/mid-range combat and anti-tank/aircraft/helo warfare)
-Medic (Designed for close/mid-range combat and helping other teammates)
-Support (Designed for mid-range combats, can build defensive structures)
-Recon (Long-range, spotter. Can be close-range combat as well.)
Specific classes:
-Ship commander (For frigates)
-Pilot (Only for planes, people flying helicopters will have regular classes.)
-APCs, Main Battle Tanks, LAVs, Transport helicopter, attack helicopters, fighter jets, assault jets, bombers
-Landing craft, patrol boat, assault boat, frigates
-Quadbikes, buggies, armoured cars…
1st Expansion
Balkan powder-keg
While the war was already raging, the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia stood there, wondering. Being the only European communist state not submitted to Moscow, Yugoslavia always had not so good relations with the USSR. With the war raging between NATO and the Warsaw Pacts, the new Yugoslav collegial presidency created after the death of Tito tried to keep the country’ neutrality but it soon became clear that they needed to pick a side, being surrounded by enemies of all sort. Wooed by NATO, Yugoslavia soon decided to launch pre-emptive strikes on their neighbours, backed by Greece and US Support. Then, Yugoslavia could spread its influence to the countries neighbouring it. Both Belgrade and NATO saw this as an opportunity to once and for all remove Moscow’s influence in the region.
-Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija)
-Socialist Republic of Romania (Armata Populară Română)
-Popular Republic of Bulgaria (Bulgarska Narodna Armiya)
-Hellenic Republic (Ellinikós Stratós)
-Slivnitsa highway (Bulgaria, large and rural map) JNA vs BNA
-Timisoara's fields (Romania, urban and rural map) JNA vs APR
-Prizren airstrip (Albania, airfield + complex), JNA vs Soviet Army
-Burga’s landing (Bulgaria, naval assault) ES (16 players) and British Army (16 players) vs Soviet Army (16 players) and BNA (16 players)
That's about everything I have so far!

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