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[BF6] Battlefield 6 and Beyond, the Potential of the Cold War and More.

Battlefield 7 - [BF6] Battlefield 6 and Beyond, the Potential of the Cold War and More.

First things first, I’m extremely poor at being concise with my wording in these sorts of things, so I hope it isn’t too rambly for anyone who ends up reading this, if they do.

Second, I’d like to cover two ways I think Battlefield, be it 2021 or beyond, could handle a game set in a Cold War setting, one being keeping with the spirit of the Cold War, and maintaining proxy conflicts as a focus, and a second idea, (heavily inspired by world in conflict) essentially being a World War III in the 80s, with Nukes hand waved out of existence.

So first, I was operating in my idea generation as if this was with an old style premium system, or at least bulk map releases, with group themes or locations across them. Foremost, The first idea, which I will title as Battlefield VI, or Battlefield Flashpoints, covering a greater period of time, encompassing multiple proxy conflicts. Such could be broken up into decade packs, each released on their own, featuring things such as the Korean War, Vietnam War, Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, or lesser conflicts not directly involving the US and Soviets.


However, I do hold that this would be rather limiting in scope, and is why I stand by the second idea as my preferred one, being able to feature global warfare much like Modern Title Battlefields, and removing historical conflict context, allowing for greater (,if still less than fear-future titles) freedom. It could feature everywhere from Battles in the Jungles of Vietnam unfettered, to the Streets of Berlin, as Soldiers break through the wall, to the Snow covered landscapes of Scandinavia, and the Sun Bathed Sands of Iraq. Being unrestricted by Historical Conflicts, it can provide the boons of the Modern Day, without being too far into the point of modern technology to eclipse it all. While I’m no game maniac, as well a Period of Global War set within the 80s, while explored in the realm of strategy games, is limited in it’s FPS coverage.

To close on this short piece of little actual substance, with the words of but a fan, not a game designer, I believe setting a BF game in the Cold War, preferably gone hot, would be able to achieve a scenario of worldwide conflict, and reach into an interesting time period.

TL;DR I think it would be pretty nice if we had a Cold War gone hot battlefield, and thank you for reading my short ramblings, however few of you that do.

P.S. reading over this, it sounds like I’m a kid writing an argumentative essay in 4th grade. God.

P.S.S. Checking the subreddit I see I’m not the only person with this sort of idea. Hearts out to you brothers in arms!

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