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(Bf6) better fire physics

Battlefield 2 - (Bf6) better fire physics

So right now the fire physics is pretty bad They had some nice fire animations when a vehicle explodes but it’s still really weird and confusing

Since for the next bf game they are going big and upgrading the frostbite engine a lot why not add some fire to the mix

With the new fire system they could add a damage scale the the fire They did have a leveloution for a map in battlefield hardline where you can burn a house done which would be great in bf6 and make it dynamic

Here’s a scale

Wood =weak So with wood it will be a material that spreads the fire a lot more and will fall apart easily Things like cloth will also be in the wood section

Instead of when a object breaks it explodes into particles It will get a new burnt texture and it will bend and or fall off Things like tree can be shot at by a rpg and the leaves will catch fire and the wood will get a burnt and crisp texture

Concrete type =medium Concrete can be heated and caught on fire but the spread and damage is lower

The concrete will lose pieces and then collapse unlike wood

A blow torch can cut through this easily

Metal= strong

Metal can not spread concrete but it can be heated and slowly take damage to the point where blowtorch cuts through it like butter and With the new frost bite engine the destruction should be dynamic meanings can make symbols with the blow torch

Also if metal becomes weak it can be shot


Metal will bend to explosives and bullets etc even vehicles

Some new items

Breaching charge: this item can breach through metal easily and any thing below that The destruction depends on the status of the wall or floor for example a wood floor will be decimated while metal will be a smallish hole

Saw: this tool cuts through metal and other materials this can be used to cut things or carve things

Bonus mentions : With the new frostbite engine there can be more inner wall details With pipes in the wall and planks and other objects that when the wall is destroyed you will see it and the pipe will be leaking water and the planks will be snapped

The caliber of the destruction will be measured by the damage system here is a example for each system

Wood For wood it will mostly be filled with pipes broken shredded pieces of wood and planks

Concrete For concrete there will be most brick or brick type mesh’s when a wall is broken some will have pipes and others won’t The main detail here is how the paint gets ruined/dirty

Metal Metal is pretty simple it can be thick or thin and may contain pipe and other things but another detail here is the bending when exploded like said above

Sorry my post may be clunky I had to to do a lot edits to it and may have accidentally ruined some parts

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