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BF6 unpopular opinion [BFV][BF1][BF6]

Battlefield 2 - BF6 unpopular opinion [BFV][BF1][BF6]

Hey there BF community. Supposedly we got our first tease about the next game recently. Like some of you I dont know what to make of the tease. But one thing I want to talk about is somethings I would like to see make a return in the next game that the community might not agree with.

  1. Commander mode and squad reinforcements. With BF4 and Hardline we had a commander mode. I'm not going to explain the mode but would encourage those who dont know to go to youtube and look up gameplay. But in short a player would see the map from top down similar to RTS game modes and could issue squad orders that they could complete for extra points. They could also call in missiles, UAV's counter UAV's, tanks, quick redeploy, atv's and more to help squads. I loved this mode and because it was also on tablets it allowed me to play BF4 at school but also made me feel like a real life behind the lines commander. Hardline's commander mode was not as good or enjoyable. With BFV we had squad reinforcements. (once again go to youtube or play the game to learn about them) they were also enjoyable if you had an active squad leader. In BF6 I would like to see a combination of the systems. Squad leaders able to call in smoke screens, uav, and other support streaks. But with a commander that can deploy missiles, tanks and more.
  2. Fortifications. These made their debut as buildable locations on the map in BFV. Some people really enjoyed these, others did not. I loved them. It made the battlefield more alive and dynamic. It also made tanks go slower and rely on their infantry to keep them alive. We also had other systems similar in other games that instead of building we could interact with them. Field cannons and AA in BF1, bridge controls, lights and levelution in BF4. I would like to see the system fixed to have more significance and actually assist the defending team, in making the point harder to capture. And give each class a special fortification they can build.
  3. vehicle upgrade paths from BFV and presets in BF1. The upgrades in BFV give players a choice to upgrade and "customize" their planes and tanks to make them special or more powerful. In BF1 they had presets of these that changed the way the vehicle played. I would like to see a combination of these were we have presets (take the tiger tank a preset for long range anti tank, infantry support, or anti infantry) and you choose a path to follow and as you level up that path it upgrades your equipment for that vehicle for that path only. And instead of waiting to max out one path to change you would be able to change paths as needed or wanted.
  4. The inclusion of heavy bombers. In BF4 we only had attack jets with very few bombs. In BF1 we had the inclusion of the heavy Russian bomber. In BFV we had the inclusion of the light bomber. I would like to see a heavy bomber included in the next game. A slow moving aircraft with high armor that needs its passenger to man the anti air defenses. Heavy payloads of either dumb fire or low payloads of guided munitions. Higher altitude than normal planes or slower speed than jets can go so they just cant camp behind them in blind spots.

These are just somethings I would love to see in the next game. While all of them would be nice I dont expect any of them to be in the game. I would love to hear any other ideas the player base has. Or any criticisms you have of mine. Good luck and may your aim be straight.

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