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BFV Data Mining: The Pacific Ocean – A new Map on the Horizon? All about the 5 “hidden” Weeks of Chapter 6

Battlefield 6 - BFV Data Mining: The Pacific Ocean - A new Map on the Horizon? All about the 5 "hidden" Weeks of Chapter 6

Disclaimer: The following post is based on data mining and not official information. Take it with a grain of salt.

Hi guys,

a lot of you already spotted the shortage of displayed Tides of War weeks (7 instead of 12) in the menu. During the last days I started to take a closer look at the Battlefield V patch files.

Here is what I was able to find on the five "hidden" weeks of Chapter 6…

"The Pacific Ocean" – A new Battlefield map?

There seems to be a new map called "The Pacific Ocean" coming to the game. I don't know if this is the final name, a working title or just a placeholder, but it's part of a Tides of War challenge ("Win 1 round on The Pacific Ocean") and the word "on" confirms that it's not just a game mode.

This challenge is located in week 9 but last thursday I could already see a few weeks not being in sync with the order in the files. Therefore a potential launch in week 8 isn't totally unrealistic and then the cut after week 7 in the menu would make more sense.

A few very specific settings in the files confirm the map's existence and determine numbers plus repawn time of the following vehicles:

  • Amphibious Tanks
  • Airplanes
  • Dinghys

These external rules might also give away a potential theme of the map with focus on air and sea.

Two challenges of the same week emphasize this idea:

  • Kill 1 enemy while in a dinghy motorboat.
  • Roadkill 1 enemy using an airplane.

Now to the the next part of the last five weeks…

New Gadget: Doppel Schuss

You might have seen my tweet about the Doppel Schuss (unreleased Recon Gadget) with the official demo video and some other details.

I just want to add this quote from a ToW challenge where you have to kill one enemy with it:

Adopted by German naval crews as they rose to prominence early in the war. Used to signal and illuminate where no other lights were available, in the middle of the sea.

This wasn't taken from the "The Pacific Ocean" week, but it's another interesting naval reference. After seeing so many weeks switching positions I rather speak of a "launch window" (week 8 to 12) instead of focusing on week 8 alone.

No info on additional weapons or rewards (so far).

Returning Game Modes

In terms of game modes we're going to see Outpost, Frontlines and Rush. The latter will be featured twice during this chapter, but I don't know yet if this involves one of the Pacific maps.

That's all I got for the second half of this Tides of War Chapter.

Thanks for your support and have a nice day!

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