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BFV feel vs older BF titles…

Battlefield 4 - BFV feel vs older BF titles...

Hey Guys,

Just looking for some good conversation on the topic of BFV’s gameplay feel. That being the feel of gameplay and how it has evolved over the years to make the games feel unique and give them their personality and uniqueness over other titles in the series.

My personal top picks would be 1942, BF2, BF:V(original) and BF4. Not necessarily in that order. I do like the other titles but those are the versions I went back to and wish I could still play the most.

I think for a lot of people and myself included a couple key points are the large-ish maps with vehicles, destructible environments, good gfx for their respective release years, etc are what differentiates BF.

One key feature that I think ultimately hurt the series in a huge way & in more than a couple ways is the approach BF1 handles the vehicles, specifically aircraft.

I think the removal of airfields & all the vehicles spawning parked & waiting for players to run to them, not only removes the feeling of an open world but inherently changes the map design philosophy, since the maps can then be smaller.

Am I alone in thinking that change really hurt the series?


I started thinking about this when I came back & played a couple of days in BF4 & then a couple in BF1 to get hyped for BFV. And man, what a difference…. the energy and craziness is lights out better in BF4. A map like Gol Hwy provided an experience that quite frankly BF1 just couldn’t provide based on the map changes and vehicles. Plus the speed of BF1 was just way too fast side by side. It honestly felt like I was playin Quake in comparison.

The feeling of running and seeing aircraft taking off next to you, tanks flying by you, as you press on by foot are what makes this series special.

I liked the beta and thought Attrition and some of the other changes are a step in the right direction(even though it seems like tons of stuff is getting tweaked in the opp direction). I know big maps have been mentioned by the devs & they’ve even teased a clip of a plane taking off…

But…. bottom line is does anyone think BFV can recapture the craziness of the older BF’s? And do we ever think DICE will go back to maps that handle vehicles the old way?

Thanks for reading.


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