Battlefield 5

BFV has a grinding issue (Service Stars, Company Coins, lvl cap)

Battlefield 1 - BFV has a grinding issue (Service Stars, Company Coins, lvl cap)

First of all this is not a rant. Beside all criticism and bugs I'm having a blast with this game.

TL;TR: BF vets need a working grinding system in BFV

Battlefield was never a game ppl played for grinding reasons. You play it because of the huge atmosphere the 64 player server create, the "Battlefield moments", the nice graphics, the smooth netcode (yeah ironic), the gunplay and many other reason. Unless COD, BF doesn't need such an aggressive grinding system to hold their playerbase. But BFVs rewarding system is a bit too skinny imo.


  • Service Stars (SS)

SS have no impact to the gameplay beside giving core player a tool to make playing the game more rewarding. We don't even need quest or a assignments implemented with SSs, just an indicator which shows us our progress.

E.x. in BF1 I set myself a goal to reach 1 SS with every weapon in the game (even the Kolibri). After that I grinded for 100 SSs with my favorite gun.

I'm clueless why this feature is missing in BFV and I would really appreciate it when DICE would bring it back.


  • Company Coins (CC)

Yeah acctually CC could be a great grinding system if it would work. And tbh it is very frustrating. I'd love to exchange my playtime for skins! But so far I haven't buyed one. The reason is simple: gameplay > cosmetics.

I've maybe specialized half of all weapons and vehicles so far and there are not many CC left in my bucket. I won't call this issue gamebreaking but it kinda is… Also since devs replyed that they are working on this bug, there's no need to talk about this for now.

We just can't deny that it's another grinding feature that is missing.


  • Level Cap at 50

Compared to other BF titels I reached lvl cap way too fast this time. And so did most of my platoon mates. After 20-30 hours most ppl reached lvl 50 and after 40-50 hours I maxed out every class (lvl 20).

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I have 140 hours of ingame playtime so far which 90 of them I played without being rewarded with any noticeable progress. I really think a prestige system where you get rewarded with a fancy rank insignia by resenting your (weapon) progress wouldn't hurt anyone.

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