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BFV has made me lose all hope in Dice

Battlefield 8 - BFV has made me lose all hope in Dice

I remember when they announced it was going to be a WW2 game, I'd been playing BF1 for ages thinking "My god if they made a WW2 version of this it'd be the most incredible game ever, looks, feel, everything…"

I was pumped. You can imagine my disappointment (and probably a lot of other peoples) when the trailer released and we saw the ridiculous shit we saw… but I still had hope.

Then the game released (at multiple different times lul…) and although it was alright, there was a lot wrong with it and nothing was anywhere near as amazing as it could have been if they hadn't gone with their "It's our take on the war" bullshit.

Normally, that would be it, and the game would probably get better, and to some extent it did/has, but my biggest problem with the game now is as follows.

Factions, instead of having Germany vs Brits or something, we have Germany vs Everybody else on the same time, it's ridiculous and looks like we're a bunch of rebels just joining in a random war with any gear we can scrape together.

Gear, not even being able to have authentic WW2 gear. Such a ridiculous point when you remember that this is a game solely based on WW2. It should be the very first bit of content that should be set in stone…. surely?

Guns, the same as the previous point. I get it's a game based on what the devs call "their own take on it" but give people that guns we know of, let the casual fan feel like they have a gun they have heard of before. There's a couple in the game, but let us have the ones that every person that's watched Saving Private Ryan know of.. Thompsons (not the WW1 bf1 scrap gun), M1 Garand, BAR etc etc. Simple shit that should be in the game from the start.


Dripfeed, stop giving us pathetic shitty DLC that nobody cares for, give us the uniforms and weapons we ask for, the vehicles and QOL updates. I couldn't give two shits for another badly made washed out piece of shit skin that you want to put in the game, or a dumb face paint that costs 49,000,000cc.

Everything else, …. just that. There's very little in this game that I feel is actually great content and was well thought out, planned and executed. This CO-OP update you just pushed out took 4 months? What is taking you so long? Is there just one dev there or something? You've let the entire BFV fan base down with this game, and rather than admitting you've fucked up and you'll do better, you instead blamed everything else when you sold more than a million copies less than you'd hopes, and your stock dropped massively. Take responsibility and learn that in this climate of games, if you want to make a game people like, give people what they want. People being happy about a game, and excited to play it again (even for trivial reasons such as the way the game looks) is what will keep people playing and buying new items. I'm so embarassed on behalf of the people that have made this game, it's such a mess and although updates have certainly improved this, I no longer play and have no intent to play until I see things start to pick up and the overall image of the game not be a complete shitshow.

Anyways, rambling a bit and no doubt some people will disagree with points, but the overall success of the game speaks volumes. There's a reason for this.

Fuck you dice, for ruining what I was hoping would be great.

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