Battlefield 5

BFV is great, but I feel like I’m part of an early access project.

Battlefield 4 - BFV is great, but I feel like I'm part of an early access project.

In my opinion there is more bugs and problems than what I would expect of a 'finished" tripple A game one month after its launch. In every match I play I'm annoyed by the incredible clunky UI that is just horrible designed in so many ways.

I notice more and more that I die behind cover or suddenly being oneshotted by a mp40.

Basicly every third match so I will suddenly lose all my weapons after I die so basicly all I can do is run around and do nothing. Sometimes it fixes itself, sometimes I'm stuck rest of the round with no weapons, respawning does not help. The bug usually occur after I died inside a tank/plane and then respawn, but it has happened when just respawning normally aswell.

The bipod, vaulting and placing gadgets on the ground in general is really buggy and can be really frustrating from time to time.

Sometimes the game won't render my teammates properly and all I see is soilders without texture and when they run, there is no animation, they just float forwards in the standing position.

Earning ingame currency at max rank has been bugged since launch and is still bugged. And now they are introducing Real money currency without having fixed the main problem first.


And both their 2 big balancing patches has been complete disaster in my opinion. The first one nerfed every single plane to the ground when the main problem was just 1 overpowered plane. The 2nd one they fu*ked the TTK that no one asked them to do, they did revert this but it took them a week of hate for them to understand it was a mistake.

Don't take me wrong, I have really enjoyed playing BFV and with the removal of premium I have great hopes for the future. But my hope has been blinded by all these issues and especially the recent patches, they feel so out of touch.

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The game feels rushed and unfinished and I really wished more gaming companies would have the balls to delay their game so they can release a good product instead of rushing it out and then maybe after a year the game will be in a good state. I didn't know I signed up for an early access game experience when I bought this game, as it feels very much like I did. Many promised features that feels like it should have been included from launch, and many bugs that really shouldn't have been there in the first place.

I feel like their Battle Royale mode will be their last chance at success with this game, but if it's gonna be the same rushed product then I don't see many future sales happening.

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