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Battlefield 6 - BFV RE-IMAGINED: The Last Tiger

BFV Re-Imagined

Hello everybody and welcome back to the BFV Re-imagined series. If you are new to this series, essentially what I am doing is re-imagining Battlefield V in its entirety to see how I would have liked it – a more enjoyable, more immersive experience that is complete on launch and ready for the live service model. The developers would release the game on 20th November 2019, giving them at least 1 and a half years more developing time to get this game finished.

For this episode I will be looking at the War Story, The Last Tiger.

This War Story could use some work. While the story and characters are far more interesting than any of the other War Stories, it could use a little more gameplay variety and length, so that the characters have more time to develop.

The Last Tiger

The Tiger's Bite

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Our story begins in the Cologne, Germany, Winter, 1945. The black text remains the same as BFV’s version, as well as the intro to the story. Once the gameplay begins, we have a longer introduction segment before gameplay, in which Schroeder points out the massive Cologne Cathedral, a symbol of Germany’s strength. Command radios your tank to help assault the nearby train station, which the infantry are already fighting at. The first combat occurs when a nearby Panzer IV (long-barrelled) is taken out by a M1 AT gun (US name for the 6-pounder). Peter orders you to move to the right, around the tank wreckage, and take out the AT Gun. On your way to the train station, you will encounter US soldiers firing at you with Bazookas from inside buildings, M1 AT guns, as well as infantry trying to retreat to the train station. Just before you arrive, you will met up with 3 Panther tanks plus infantry, who are also heading to the train station. Together with them and some nearby infantry, you must capture the train station.

Once captured, a barrage of American artillery will hit your position, taking out one of the Panther tanks (if they are any still working). Command will radio you to take out the artillery battery that was firing on you. All of the remaining German units will accompany you to the artillery battery, where you will battle M4 Shermans and M8 Greyhounds as you go. These tanks and armoured cars will be more of a challenge than those in BFV’s original version, inflicting more damage to your Tiger, as well as having smarter AI that does not simply rush you out in the open. This is to make the level more of a challenge, since tanks are pretty easy to take out in BFV’s original version. Any remaining Panther tanks will attack the enemy tanks and infantry. Additionally, German infantry following you will take out enemy infantry, and if they are equipped with a Panzerfaust, they will fire it at the enemy tanks. Once you have eliminated the artillery guns, a small American counter-attack will storm your position. It will comprise of 4 M4 Shermans, 1 T34 Calliope and 2 Bazooka teams (1 shooter, 1 loader per bazooka team). All German units left over after this battle will hold their positions at the battery.

Peter will then order Hartmann to radio command for further orders, upon which they will tell them to head for the Nazi HQ, which has been overrun by US soldiers, and contains valuable intelligence. Peter instructs Kertz to drive on towards their objective. As well as M1 AT guns, and M4 Shermans, a single M26 Pershing will be engaged with German infantry near a destroyed train line. Overall, most of the level would remain the same as BFV’s version, albeit longer and with more friendly AI. The end of the level would stay the same, with artillery being called in on the Tiger via orange smoke canisters.

4wd6s9ifb3r31 - BFV RE-IMAGINED: The Last Tiger

Turning Point

ukv8sgzhb3r31 - BFV RE-IMAGINED: The Last Tiger

A cutscene ensues in which Kertz attempts to escape the allied strafing run by heading for a destroyed building, however as the bombs are dropped from the aircraft, one of them hits the turret’s front. Once the Tiger I stops, Kertz deduces that the bomb that hit the turret has jammed the main cannon’s firing mechanism, which he can repair, but will need some time. The crew then decide because of this malfunction, and the looming aircraft above, someone must scout the area ahead. After a short argument, Hartmann is picked and then he disappears like in BFV’s version. Also like in BFV’s original version, the crew hear the rumbling of tanks and accompanying infantry, so they must leave the lost Hartmann behind. Peter than repositions the MG34 from the hull to on top of the turret, since Hartamnn is no longer there to man the gun, and Peter can use it instead.

The environment will be mostly the same as it BFV, as the tank heads down the train station to the area where they hop out, however the level will be slightly bigger in size to allow for a longer level. The player must use the MG34 mounted on the turret to take out enemies, preventing them from killing you or destroying the tank with their Bazookas. A couple of times, the player will encounter M3 Halftracks with soldiers manning the turret, as well as M8 Greyhounds, which shoot at the tank (either missing shots or doing little damage to it with their small 37mm cannons).


Eventually, you will escape the pursuing US forces, and be heading on your way to the German HQ, only to run out of fuel. Your Tiger I grinds to a halt, as Kertz curses the German’s lack of fuel, something which was a very big problem for them towards the end of the war. Schroder yells at him for dare doubting Germany’s ability in the war, to which the two begin arguing about. Peter tells them to cut it out, and points out a Sherman tank heading back from the frontlines. He reasons that it could be refilling on fuel, and so suggests that he will follow it to see if that is the case.

The next section plays similarly to in BFV’s AA Gun section, except for a few changes. First, the M4 Sherman will stop to refuel, instead of driving around in circles aimlessly. Second, no more planes or AT Guns. Third, instead of using the AA Gun to shoot the planes, you will steal some of the Sherman fuel and bring it back to the Tiger tank. From there, the tank will head into the refuelling station, finish off any resistance left, and the level will end.

aopsxk4pb3r31 - BFV RE-IMAGINED: The Last Tiger

Wheels of War

phr8lnjrb3r31 - BFV RE-IMAGINED: The Last Tiger

After filling up the tank with all of the Americans’ remaining fuel, the crew of Tiger 237 start moving again. However, Peter remains outside the tank, since the main cannon is not fully repaired yet. Similar to one of the levels from the “Through Mud and Blood” from BF1, you would lead the tank through a series of M1 AT Gun emplacements, while on the way to the HQ. The option of stealth would be available, and there would be 2 field gun emplacements to make your way through. If the player is seen, then the tank would move it and take out the enemies with its machine guns (the turret machine gun would be moved back down to the hull. Any damage to the tank would have to be repaired with the player’s Repair Tool. The tank would proceed to the next area once all enemies in the sector have been killed.

Finally, the tank would reach the German HQ, which has been taken over by the Americans. The job would be to remove sensitive German intelligence from the base, so it isn’t found by the Americans. This part would play exactly like in BFV’s version. Once the intel is collected and the player returns to the Tiger, Kertz would inform you that he has fixed the main cannon, and you would get back in the tank. The level would then be finished.

mh2wkx3wb3r31 - BFV RE-IMAGINED: The Last Tiger

Tooth and Nail

3w3zmrvxb3r31 - BFV RE-IMAGINED: The Last Tiger

As you drive back to the Cologne cathedral, you see the bodies of “deserters” hanging from ropes, and Swastika banners littering the streets. You then see Hartmann, and the rest is the same as BFV. You go to the radio, the Americans surround you, Schroeder fires the Tiger’s main cannon, you get back in the tank. All that’s changed from this section is the tanks that attack you and the environment you are in. The tanks will be as follows: M4 Sherman, M4 Sherman 76mm, T34 Calliope, M26 Pershing. The environment will be slightly larger, to allow for more manoeuvrability of the Tiger, more interesting AI confrontations and therefore more interesting gameplay. The Cologne Cathedral will be next to the ruins, and will be much bigger and more true to its real life counterpart. Additionally some Bazooka teams will accompany the tanks to take you out. The ending will be the same, as you are attacked by an artillery barrage, the bridge is blown, Kurtz is shot, and you surrender. The black text will be the same, and the War story will then finish.

px8fk1m0c3r31 - BFV RE-IMAGINED: The Last Tiger

The final thing I wish to talk about is censorship. In my version of BFV, there will be 2 versions: I uncensored version for most countries, and 1 censored version for Germany and other countries who have laws against that type of thing. Correct insignia such as Swastika and references to Nazi ideology or Hitler will be present in the uncensored version, but not in the censored. This will not only heighten immersion, but allow stories like the Last Tiger to address the issues they discuss by name, and not by vague terms like "leader" or "German reich". This will apply fo the multiplayer as well, since if there is to be 2 versions, there might as well be insignia in the multiplayer. This change should not be too hard, and will involve only replacing textures with Nazi insignia or audio lines that mention Nazis or their ideology by name, something which should be easy given the extra 1 and a half years development time DICE will have.

This concludes this episode of BFV Redesigned. I hope you have enjoyed the decisions I have made with this War Story. I believe this War Story was definitely the best, but could use a little more gameplay diversity and length. Since I have finished the singleplayer element for the BFV Redesigned series, I will now move on to other topics like multiplayer or Tides of War. Of course I am not a game developer and I simply came up with these decisions for the fun of it. Maybe what I suggested wouldn’t be fun or wouldn’t work in BFV. You tell me.

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