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Battlefield 6 - BFV Visibility Survey Results & Analysis

Hello, good folks of r/BattlefieldV! As a few of you know, I recently performed a survey collecting players' opinions on the current state of character model visibility on Battlefield V. Below are the links to the initial posts in this sub as well as r/battlefield_live.

I have collected enough responses to the survey to at least make some sort of meaningful analysis, and this post will detail my procedure and results.

I created the above binary survey so that i could do a few things. Firstly, I wanted to simply gauge the community's general opinion on the visibility by seeing how the majority of respondents felt. Secondly, I wanted to see if there was any relationship between certain gameplay statistics and opinion on the visibility. I first released the survey to the Hardcoreleague and Battlefield Premier League discord servers, then released it to the battlefield V main subreddit (this sub) and finally to the battlefield live subreddit. All people who responded did so on their own free will and without any deliberate pressure from others to vote a certain way. Respondents' identities will not be revealed.

As people responded, I verified their User IDs and if i could not find the user ID given in the survey, I discarded their vote. Likewise, I discarded votes from people with fewer than 10 hours of gameplay on BFV. After 157 valid responses were collected, I began working up the data. First I tallied up the votes and prepared a pie chart showing the distribution of visibility votes. Then, I searched each player's gamertag on and noted three core gameplay statistics: Kill/Death Ratio (KDR), Score per Minute (SPM), and Kills per Minute (KPM). I prepared an excel spreadsheet with each respondent's vote (the visibility is good as is -or- the visibility needs improvement) alongside their core gameplay stats.

I then found the median, mean, standard deviation and variance for the KDR, SPM and KPM of both groups, as well as the means for the whole survey. I then performed two-tailed t-tests assuming unequal variance to attempt to find significant differences between the means of the two groups' KDRs, SPMs and KPMs. For each group, I found the fraction of respondents who were over average for these statistics. finally (this is the fun part), I calculated expected 'skill' for each respondent using their stats and the same formula for 'skill' that was used in BF1.* I then lumped the respondents by skill in (arbitrary) increments of 10 to 11, found the percentage of respondents who voted in favor of visibility changes for each lump, plotted the percent in favor of visibility changes as a function of 'lump skill' and performed a linear regression analysis.

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In this survey, 52.2% of respondents supported improving character model visibility. Among them, the mean KDR of respondents was 2.40, mean SPM was 469, and mean KPM was 1.09. The average stats of respondents against changing the character model visibility (fine with current visibility) were as follows: KDR = 1.92, SPM = 426, KPM = 0.89. The average stats of respondents in favor of improving visibility were: KDR = 2.85, SPM = 509, KPM = 1.27.

25.3% of respondents against visibility changes had a higher KDR than the overall average, 28% had higher than average SPM, and 24% had higher than average KPM. Comparatively, 50% of respondents in favor of improving character model visibility had above average KDR, 61% had above average SPM, and 52.4% had above average KPM.

T-tests indicated a failure to reject the null hypothesis in attempting to identify significant differences between the mean KDRs or SPMs of the two groups–However, a significant difference between the mean KPMs was found. Players in favor of improving visibility are likely to have higher KPMs than those against visibility changes, with a 73% confidence interval.

Finally, my unusual 'lumped-skill' linear regression identified a positive correlation between a player's 'skill' statistic and their likelihood to vote in favor of improving character model visibility. The following linear equations describes the relationship: y = 0.0014x – 0.0976, with a correlation coefficient of 0.71. I did not fix the y-intercept to zero, as this is only a rough relationship to identify general trends–though the y-intercept being negative implies that a player with 0 skill would be very unlikely to vote in favor of improving visibility (FWIW).

Taken together, the data generally suggests a couple things:

  1. A slim majority of players would like character model visibility to be improved.
  2. Poorer players are less likely to support improvements in character model visibility. Pie chart for vote distribution. 'Lump skill' plot w/ linear regression.

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I considered looking at each platform individually, but from a brief look they seemed to be the same as the collective, within reasonable error.

*skill is calculated in BF1 as (SPM/1000)*600+(KPM/3)*300+(KDR/5)*100 with each stat capped at the denominator, so that the maximum value for skill is 1000.

These results are indicative of the sample pool, but (as with any stats) may not necessarily reflect the general player base. I believe the reddit community is generally the best representation of the general player base that i have access to, but no subset of a whole can be expected to perfectly represent a whole.

Please let me know what y'all think–hopefully I've helped in some way.

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