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[BFV] What I expect from BF6 personally

Battlefield 6 - [BFV] What I expect from BF6 personally

I loved the way the dlcs went in bf4, it actually progressed with a fictional conflict and I personally loved Giants of Karelia. However the dlc system has failed and will probably fail again and ruin a playerbase.

Another thing: don't do a campaign. do a campaign as a separate game. hear me out on this. Get a bunch of veterans from various conflicts/wars from let's say Vietnam onward, have them tell their stories and then re create them for Co op or single player purposes. That way multiplayer can basically have premium included and people who want a campaign can go out and get it. Plus, EA still makes money from another game and don't have to cry about not making money from premium sales.

I personally live the customization in battlefield 4 and want it to return. however don't base everything off of one fucking gun. there had to be at least 3 different versions of the ak 12 and that shit is just stupid.

I also want a cooler faction thing if you know what I mean. Not just basic US vs RU but a NATO vs some random ass alliance idk. You can customize all of your characters to an extent, so they might have the same headgear but in different camo, different voices and flags. they have to be obviously identifiable in some way or else hardcore will be a nightmare.



And get rid of the self repair bs it's really annoying to almost obliterate a tank only for the driver to fix it from the inside. It makes heavy vehicles op and annoys literally every infantry player to fucking death. Everyone has encountered a tank sweat at some point.

And make it more limited on what classes use what guns. I am a fan of the 4 class system personally, going like this.

Assault: AR's , carbines, meds, grenade launchers, basically bf4 but without shotguns or dmrs to balance it a bit

Engineer: Smgs, dmrs, RPGs, mines, and repair tools. this way engineers still have longer range capabilities and can maintain vehicles in most situations

Support: lmgs, shotguns, ammo crates, and mortars. Supports should support so an lmg and a shotgun seem fitting to me

Recon: sniper rifles, carbines, radio beacon, and the paper plane thingies. Recons do recon and mainly snipe. recons are now balanced with either long ass range or close to really early mid ranges, leaving the rest for supports or assaults.

I wasted 20 mins typing this on mobile so I do not give a shit if there is a spelling error somewhere.

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