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[BFV] Why have sniper rifles remained as the mathematically worst gun type in all battlefield games?

Battlefield 3 - [BFV] Why have sniper rifles remained as the mathematically worst gun type in all battlefield games?

First: The 1 shot kill for snipers… is a case by case thing since not every sniper can actually 1 shot an armored dude in the chest… this also comes to the other point, why can shotguns 1 shot kill in the feet at short range? In every Battlefield, DMRs are better at sniping than the actual snipers… and thats because they are relatively fast and most of the time they take 3-5 shots to the chest to kill considering they are semi and have a lot of range. On the other hand, having a bolt action sniper rifle rewards you with nothing if you try to do something against people running around… Most of the kills snipers work out on are 'sniper vs sniper' kills and not 'sniper vs infantry' kills. Now this means that sniper headshot kills require more skill! wow! Wait does this mean that the other classes require less skill? YES IT DOES.

"How?" Suppresing a sniper is easy with an auto weapon, and even if you land a shot while being suppresed its not going to matter much because you're already dead unless a teammate is watching your back 24/7.

Imagine in a RPG game there is a sword that lets me do 90 damage in one single attack but it has a cooldown, but there is another sword that lets me do 35 damage but it has almost no cooldown… mathematically speaking: The dps on the 35 dmg sword is so high that the 90 dmg sword is useless against it.

"But just aim to the head" When a dude is running 200m plus its not practical to shoot a medic in the chest and let it heal.. just no… Even in COD or CSGO sniper rifles are not the best class because they are most of the time impractical as they are slow, high recoil and require pre-aiming. Quickscoping is practical but it has been nerfed since AW.

Would you rather go long range with a sniper rifle or a AR/DMR/LMG? I would choose DMR of course, snipers are garbage. EVEN in close range, snipers would be innefecrive if they were able to 1 shot in the chest because of their insane hipfire spread. Even with iron sights. If i get swarmed by enemies i rather have an AR than a useless sniper that requires me to precisely aim to the head.


"But then it would require less skill" To start: It REALLY does take a lot of patience to shoot a dude on the chest at 100ms plus and then shooting him again moments later just to realize that he is 100 hp again… amazing.

-NO, IT WOULD NOT. it would only equalize the amount of skill using it compared to using an AR or any other gun. Pistols are far more practical than a sniper in most Battlefield games… how!?

"Then what? Scouts are made for spotting people, not killing them!"

-I can do the same thing BETTER with other classes. BF4 had the most complicated sniping out of every Battlefield IMO. Even if it was complicated, its not rewarding. The tech and assault class were actually rewarding. The support class was mortar spam and was the only class that could stop explosive projectiles. Scout was purely for the spawn and the spotting device, they didnt even use snipers.

This opinion can change depending on your playstyle… but me, a dude who has been religiously sniping since BF3, I still don't see an improvement on 'practicality' of the sniper rifles.

In this case, balance is not the right point to make a sniper 2 shot kill. Just because in a 1v1 it would be bad doesn't mean that in a battlefield it would be the best.

"Bro you're the sniper, cover me! me: "ok" Shoots "BRO IM DEAD HE'S 20HP!!!!!" Me: "I shot bro…"

In this situation an AR could have saved my friend's life…

My teammate: "Why even bother sniping? Just pick a DMR with an acog!" Me: "I already know…"

If we talk about balance then why shotguns don't have capped range like in cod? Because they are meant to be practical and useful. Snipers don't seem to be it.

Imagine someone making a respect thread on snipers in Battlefield…

"They 1 shot to the head at any range and most of them are bolt action!"


(I know i'm eating downvotes)

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