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Bolt Actions, great for headshots, terrible for killing.

Battlefield 4 - Bolt Actions, great for headshots, terrible for killing.

Last week, I landed 2 successive hits with the Enfield. My target then turned around and killed me. Welcome to the bolt-action rifleman experience in BFV. I hope you like salt.

For context this view is from someone who runs ironsights with Bolt Actions. I do this out a misguided sense of authenticity, plus a sincere desire for extreme self flagellation. The increased lethality of practically all weapons at higher ranges has made this a rather withering experience.

Bolt-Action rifles are the trash-tier weapons in BFV. Why? Because they excel at only one thing – headshots. They rely so heavily on headshots, that their ability to kill otherwise is crippled. The scales are unbalanced. They are a one trick pony.

I'm going to use Stodeh to demonstrate this, he's easily one of the best snipers out there. A staggering 50% of his Krag hits are headshots.

Now, order his weapon stats by kills per minute and look for the Bolt Action rifles. You'll find them languishing right down at the bottom. Even with near inhuman headshot capability, Stodeh, like everyone, does better with other weapons. Because other weapons are better at killing.

This is my point. The ability to one shot alone, does not make Bolt-Actions viable.

Weapon Default Velocity (m/s) Max TTK (ms)
Sten 495 779
Lee 500 845
MP34 560 700
Gewehr M95/30 600 1034
M1A1 Carbine 610 534
Geweher 1-5 620 447
Krag 700 1111
Kar98k 700 1250
Turner SMLE 700 500
Lewis 740 556
Gewehr 43 760 401
AG42/M2 780 400

Suggested changes

Lee +100 velocity

Krag/Geweher M95/Kar98k +60 velocity

Velocity is your go to stat for determining how easy it is to land a hit on a distant target. The disparity in this stat between bolt actions and Semi-Automatics is why weapons like the Gewehr 43 completely eclipse snipers in long range engagements.

Right now, the Lee is the trash of the trash. It's velocity is comparable to SMGs. It genuinely feels pathetic. This isn't acceptable for a long range weapon. +100 would make it competitive at range, however remain slower than lower ROF Bolts. The other rifles will get +60, this will bring these weapons more inline with Semi-Automatic velocities. Frankly I don't think Semi-Autos should have the velocity that they have without investing a spec for it.

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Rifle Old ROF New ROF
Lee 71 71
Gewehr M95 58 61
Krag 54 58
Kar98k 48 54

Bolt-Action TTK should be higher than SARs and SLRs, I accept that. But it is still too high by comparison. I haven't touched the Lee here as it's primary shortfall was velocity and it received the biggest buff there. Even with these changes, TTK of most SARs and SLRs remains half that of Bolts.


I think the problem here is insta-bandages. I would like to see a brief delay before the health regen begins to prevent targets from healing their way out of a 2 shot kill. Bolt Actions suffer uniquely for this because of their low ROF.


Ironsights require 2x, or be adjustable to 2x. This is key, 2x allows reasonable magnification at the weapons intended engagement range. Using ironsights should not be a straight nerf. The current 2x Aperture sight functions fine for automatic weapons, but is objectively the worst of both worlds for Bolt-Actions. Low magnification and low rate of fire. Allow it 2.5x, plus a post sight. Circle sights do not compliment a weapon intended for precision. Also allow it to bolt without coming out of the sight. Other sights are fine.


These changes are quite minor, and I don't think they will be enough to make Bolt-Actions truly competitive, but I'd rather micro buff these weapons than do something more major.

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