Battlefield 5

Bring Back BF2 Commander Mode and Squads

Battlefield 4 - Bring Back BF2 Commander Mode and Squads

I'm incredibly excited at the prospect of a new Battlefield set in the modern age! I would love to see some older elements of the Battlefield series returning as well.

I have some opinions about Commander Mode and Squad Leaders that I would like to share. I feel that the entire Battlefield series is suffering because of 2 key changes. Commander Mode, and how Squads function. Right now the Battlefield is littered with people that are unfocused on any goals and it's pure chaos. There's no real communication, and the little that there is, it's not very useful to anyone in the immediate moment when it's needed most.

Bear with me, I'd love to go into more detail.

Squad Leaders

In previous Battlefield games we saw larger 6 person squads making them more effective. Squad Leaders were much more vital and less disposable than they are now. This is because the Squad Leader was the only person you could spawn on in a squad, and more importantly, the only person receiving orders and requesting assets from the Commander. A SL could also request orders or deny orders being given. They were able to request for Commander Assets such as artillery fire or a UAV and also had a direct VOIP channel to the Commander who would determine which squad needed the asset most.

A good squad leader would review the information being received, view the map and place themselves forward with appropriate support of the Commander. Because the SL is the only person the squad can spawn on they had to move forward and then protect the Squad Leader with moving forward as well. This promoted an incredible amount of teamwork and focused gameplay.

Commander Mode

I'm going to specifically highlight Commander Mode from Battlefield 2, as I believe it was best represented at that time.

Here is the description of Commander Mode in Battlefield 2 as seen in Wikipedia.

Commander - Bring Back BF2 Commander Mode and Squads

commander position is an exclusive role played by one member of each team. Any member of a team may apply for the position, but priority is given to players of higher rank.

The commander alone has access to the "commander screen", an interface similar to that of a real-time strategy game. This allows the commander an overview of the battlefield as a whole, or zoom in and view parts of the map in real-time. The commander also has control of the various commander assets, which include artillery strikes, vehicle and supply drops, and UAV's. They can deploy them to assist their team. The commander can communicate with squads either by sending orders, or via
VoIP voice communication. These tools allow the commander to strategically coordinate their forces on the battlefield.

A commander may resign at any point, freeing the position for other members of their team; they may also be forcibly removed by a successful mutiny vote conducted by their team (provided the server allows mutiny votes). Although the commander does not gain points by normal methods (kills, flag captures, etc.), their score is doubled at the end of the round if their team wins."

This made so much sense to have in a game that is made for squad based combat over a large battlefield. Without the leadership of a Commander the squads have almost no way of working together or knowing what's going on outside of their immediate area. The Commander would have all kinds of broad information that he/she needed to pass onto the Squad Leaders, who then could instruct their squad as they saw fit. I remember playing BF2 for thousands of hours, and being commander was extremely vital if done right mainly for this reason.

Having a Commander on each side also brought strategy and variation into each game. Each team's commander would be a different person with a different personality and different way of thinking about things.

Please.. no more mobile Commander Mode..

From my experience (on PC), I firmly believe that allowing mobile devices to be Commander in PC or Console games ruined Commander Mode for a great many folks. Mainly due to the technical complications and trolling that occurred. Someone on a mobile device is also far less likely to be as involved as someone who is on a PC or console, effectively ruining the experience for everyone else.

Lastly, please bring back Squad based Game Modes!! We loved in Battlefield 4 playing Squad Deathmatch, Squad Domination, etc..

Thank you for listening. I'd love to hear from other Battlefield fans and what you think!

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