Battlefield 5

Can we PLEASE get something done about the bipod system.

Battlefield 8 - Can we PLEASE get something done about the bipod system.

I main support and more importantly I main the MMG's, for those that do not know, the mmg is different to the normal lmg's. When using an mmg you cant aim in without having your bipod deployed.

Its a cool mechanic and it creates an interesting way to play, you literally become a machine gun bunker and its great. Well, when it works anyway.

Basically the current bipod system is the clunkiest thing I have ever experienced in my life and honestly I can easily say that it causes like 40% of my deaths. It just constantly deploys, un-deploys, bugs out…its a fu*king mess. I lay on the floor but because of reasons idk I begin sliding uncontrollably and that means I cant deploy my bipod (you cant deploy while moving) and so I die.


Thats just one example though and that one happens a lot, just hit boxes on objects and terrain completely screwing me over. The other ones is where you deploy it, but it will like bug out and fu*k up and have a mini stroke where it doesnt know whether or not it wants to deploy. So if you havnt played with one of these guns just think about it for a minute

You have to deploy your gun to fire, but the deployment system gets you killed 40% of the time. Thats a pretty big issue. Its stupidly frustrating.

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