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Changing for casual players: A thread.

Battlefield 7 - Changing for casual players: A thread.

I don't play many games, so I'm just going to use one example of a game that changed for the worse, then completely 180'd itself for the better. Destiny 2. After Destiny 1 and it's runtime of a few years, Destiny 2 was announced. Now we all as a community knew what we wanted. A finer tuned, better graphic and more content version of Destiny 1. It was an outstanding game. However, what Bungie decided to do was release a game more suited to 'casual players'. Now that sounds great right? Keep the old players whilst bringing in newer players? Nope, casuals did what casuals do and they removed the disk and put back in Call of Duty and went about their days. The older players? The loyal players? They did the exact same whilst posting on various boards and subreddits about how things needed to change and how changing a loved game to suit people who wouldn't play it anyway achieves nothing. What did Bungie do? Absorbed the information, worked out a plan, and released the Forsaken DLC which worked right back to the loyal players and received some of the highest scores on sites like IGN Destiny has ever had… My point is, don't pander to the casuals, they don't keep your game alive, we do.


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