Battlefield 5

Combat Roles have little overall effect and could use some love. Here are a few ideas.

Battlefield 5 - Combat Roles have little overall effect and could use some love. Here are a few ideas.

Combat roles in BFV leave a lot to be desired in their current state. The two main problems with them are that with a couple exceptions, they have fairly little influence to the player, or that one combat role is miles better than the other (Vehicle Buster, Machine Gunner, Sniper and Field Medic are all objectively better than their counterpart).

To this end, here are some changes I'd like to see to the combat roles, as well as a potential new combat role with each class. My goal with this post is to shake up the combat roles to have clearer, more specialized roles, ideal weapon type(s) for those roles, and to have a more noticeable effect on the battlefield. This should introduce a bit more variety in terms of gameplay and tactics.


Light Infantry

Active ability: You can carry an extra primary & secondary magazine.

Passive ability: You take less fall damage and the health recovery timer is reduced.

Ideal weapons: Assault Rifles/Fast firing SARs.

The idea here is to make this more of an aggressive run-and-gun combat role. This is the ideal Combat role for CQB and taking objectives. The extra ammo, better mobility and faster health regen makes the player less held back by attrition, extends potential life expectancy, and can allow for some more creative movement on the way to and attacking objectives.

Vehicle Buster

Active ability: Damaged enemy vehicles are spotted for your team.

Passive Ability: You can pick up one rocket from downed enemy Assaults, provided they have any launcher ammo left.

Ideal weapon: Semi-auto rifles

This class, as before, is suited towards ranged anti-vehicle work. The spotting ability as it currently is is quite powerful, and imo should stay. The ability to pick up rocket ammo off dead enemy Assaults can help the Assault continue in their anti-vehicle role, while not making them ridiculously overpowered against vehicles, so the Support and Ammo stations are still relevant.


Active ability: You can carry an additional Dynamite Stick/AT Mine/HE launcher round (new gadget).

Passive ability: Gadgets now have better swap times.

Ideal Weapons: Assault Rifles.

A mix of the two previous combat roles, Demolitions excels at destroying enemy fortifications in a more rapid fashion. Here, the player cannot equip a Panzerfaust/PIAT. Instead, the only choice of launcher is a rifle grenade that fires HE grenades, instead of frags. These 'nades have better trajectory, higher impact damage, but a smaller blast and lethal radius. This kit can cut through fortifications, and does higher damage to static weapons.

MEDIC (wasn't able to come up with a 3rd combat role for this one)

Field Medic

Active ability: Calling to a downed squadmate pops a smoke grenade on their body. (20 second cooldown)

Passive ability: After a revive, you and your ally are unaffected by suppression for 5 seconds.

Ideal weapons: Slow SMGs, Rifle Carbines

This is sill more of a general purpose combat role, but thanks to the ability to pop smokes on a downed squadmate, this wil open up a bit more room for at least more variance in grenades, since currently there's no reason to use anything other than smokes when playing as medics.

Combat Medic

Passive Ability 1: Allies healed by your crate/pouches heal you in return

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Passive ability 2: After a revive, you and your ally have increased movement speed for 8 seconds (5 second cooldown)

Ideal Weapons: Fast-firing SMGs

This is again a more aggressive run-and-gun type combat role. The ability to get passive heals for healing allies is basically a win-win, as it gives you one less thing to worry about as a medic. The heightened movement speed allows the medic to pull off more revives, or chain their revives to better equip their allies to move to saftey.



Active ability: When the repair tool is out, damaged modules on vehicles (engine, tracks turret) will be highlighted red and can be repaired.

Passive ability: Buildable weapons have higher damage resistance

Ideal Weapons: LMGs, Shotguns


The idea here is to make the combat role more geared towards keeping vehicles alive and setting up good defenses. Being able to repair modules is something that I think should've been in the game at launch. The extra resistance for buildable weapons allows them to take an extra shot before going down, helping to make a strong defensive point.

Machine Gunner

Active ability: Fully Suppressed enemies are spottted.

Passive ability: Increased ADS Zoom when bipoded (except for 3X scope LMGs) when not fully suppressed.

Ideal Weapons: MMGs

While I'm not a fan of the Machine Gunner role rewarding bad aim, it's very useful in the right situations, so I decided to nerf and buff it. I took away the roles ability to have increased Suppression output as well as its ability to recieve less suppression, as I believe that's what makes it so strong in its current state. At the same time, giving the class increased zoom helps with its ranged performance.


Passive ability 1: Ammo pouches ressuply gadget ammo, and ammo crates resupply grenades.

Passive ability 2: You take less damage from explosives and toxins

Ideal weapons: Shotguns, Fast LMGs

This combat role is made to give the shotguns a distinct role within the Support class. This combat role allows for more aggressive play, while making it easier for the Support to stay with the front lines and keeping his/her assaulters supplied.


Sniper Marksman (sounds better imo)

Active Ability: Headshot kills will spot enemies within 10m of the deceased. 5 enemies can be spotted max, 10 second cooldown after spotting wears off or all spotted players are eliminated

Passive Ability: Pistols have 10% better switch times and reloads.

Ideal Weapons: Bolt-action rifles

This role is more powerful than the current sniper class, but also requires some more skill to get the most out of. Instead of spotting one guy with body shots, effectively rewarding bad aim, headshots become more important and will give greater intel. Pistols, which have no specs atm, basically get Quick reload and Swings & Swivels for free, albiet less powerful versions. With bolt actions, Pistols basically become primaries when moving around the map, and this slightly helps the Scout defend themselves.


Active Ability 1: Pathfinders can spawn on any friendly spawn beacon. Pathfinder squad-leaders can spawn on any friendly squad leader.

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Active Ability 2: Spotting flares fly higher/faster, have a larger radius, and last 5 seconds longer.

Ideal weapons: Self-loading rifles

The Pathfinder is pretty solid already, so the idea here is/was to increase their reconnaissance and…pathfinding…role. Having an effective pathfinder as squad leader can allow squads to place themselves in a variety of places on the map, and can be very helpful if some the squad is a bit campy.

Field Ops

Active Ability: The player can sabotage enemy AP and AT mines and make them their own. Whoever is tagged by the mine, as well as 3 enemies within 10 meters are spotted (same cooldown as Marksman).

Passive Ability: If spotted, the spotting lasts a shorter time, and Spawn Beacons make less noise

Ideal Weapons: Self-loading rifles, Pistol Carbines, Suppressed SMGs

The return of Spec Ops. This allows the Recon the ability to flank and gives them some CQB ability. This also allows Suppressed SMGs to "return" from the old archetype system, as (IIRC) DICE considers those guns their own category. TO balance it, only 2 of each mine type can be sabotaged. Also,the player can only have 1 AP mine in inventory. This is to cut down on mine spam, and makes it where the Field Ops kit can't single-handedly kill a full-health tank without the need for secondary explosions.

For the combat roles that deal with spotting people indirectly (Marksman, Machine Gunner, Field Ops etc), I think it would be ideal to make it where when the player is spotted, a red glow appears for a split second around the edges of the screen, similar to the yellow healing glow currently present. This gives players a for sure warning that they've been spotted, so their's not as much worry for perceived "Random" deaths.


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