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Community Broadcast – Visibility Improvements

Battlefield 8 - Community Broadcast - Visibility Improvements

90uogdgmttv21 - Community Broadcast - Visibility Improvements

The dynamic settings in Battlefield V range from mountainous desert ranges to snow-capped peaks, destroyed city centers, and more.

With various weather systems and times of day, coupled with these different biomes, visibility is key to a successful engagement on the battlefield.


From launch we’ve been reading, and watching many of the discussions that the community have had. One topic that we know the community is quite vocal and very passionate about, is player visibility.

Being able to see the enemy in dimly lit rooms, transitioning from indoors to outdoors without losing sight of the enemy due to change in environment, distinguishing enemy players from scenery within some maps – all top conversations that we’ve been tracking and working towards implementing fixes and tweaks.

These changes will be dropping in an upcoming update and are directly based on the feedback we’ve received from you. Please do keep this feedback coming.


We're implementing a new soldier visibility system that improves the visibility of soldiers in the game, while maintaining a believable artistic and gameplay balance. As we’ve made these changes we’ve strived towards creating a balance between a realistic soldier outline, while keeping in tune with the games artistic direction. ,

na12yo4pttv21 - Community Broadcast - Visibility Improvements

The new system is capable of making soldiers properly visible in very dark and very bright environments, and allows for more consistent visibility across all environmental situations.

ku0agwnvttv21 - Community Broadcast - Visibility Improvements


The new system also better conserves the colors of a soldier's uniform to prevent very dark or very bright uniforms from having an unintended gameplay advantage. This doesn’t mean your soldier’s uniform skins don’t matter.

You’ll still want to ensure the camouflage you use matches the environment (greens for maps like Twisted Steel, tans and yellows for maps like Hamada) as this will still be the best choice. Previously, the darker uniforms were universally superior, creating an advantage for those that chose them.

5t62pozyttv21 - Community Broadcast - Visibility Improvements

Once this update releases (late May), dive in and see how it works. Let us know on the official Battlefield Forums, Battlefield V sub-reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Discord.

Your feedback is important and does help shape the changes we’re making, especially those relating to Quality of Life, please do keep it coming. Thanks for being a part of the Battlefield journey with us.

The Battlefield Team

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