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Constructive feedback on Duos and Firestorm

Battlefield 3 - Constructive feedback on Duos and Firestorm

Long time lurker, I created this account just to add my two cents on Duos and Firestorm. Apart from the fact that Duos HAS to come back ASAP, here is why I personaly think it is the best gamemode for FS. For context, I only play FS since it was release (+ 2 days of play time) and this is the first BR I ever played.

  • First of all, Duos is a great way to make online friends when none of your IRL friends play BFV. It's easy to quickly see if your partner fits your playstyle and then add him in your friendlist if that is the case. I don't play Squads because I've never found a group of 3 randoms I actually had fun with. There is always 1 or 2 guys that go solo and die immediately, another that want to camp in bushes etc… Last week end, I got a win with the first guy I paired with and we played together for 2 days straight. I've never had so much fun with an online stranger since the BF2 days.
  • To continue on my first point, I think Squads is a good gamemode when you already have a clan or a group of friends that play the game. When you play with randoms, Duos is much more suited and enjoyable.
  • In terms of pacing, I found this mode much more fast paced than Solo. I tend to play more aggressively in Duos because I know I have a buddy that have my back while in Solo, I play more conservative to get wins consistently. I don't think I'm the only one in that case considering that I've encountered much less bush campers in Duos than in Solos.
  • Victories are much more enjoyable collectively than alone. It may be a personnal taste, but I had more fun getting my 5 wins this weekend with my newfound friend than my +30 wins in Solos. Getting a OIB moment is cool, but sharing it with a buddy is even better. I tried to get back to solo today but I quickly got bored, it just doesn't feel the same (Am I in love with this guy ??)
  • It is easier to have actual teamplay compare to Squads as there is only one person you have to check on. Sharing an armor plate or ammo with 3 randoms is just a mess while in Duos, it takes a second to do it if your partner is a decent player. I've found that in Squads it is moreless everyone for himself in a group while in Duos we ussually make sure that the other partner has enough gear to stand up the next firefight
  • Duos is a main competitive format in every BR on the market and for good reasons, why would you skip on that ? Why wasn't it in the first place ? Why do I have to wait to maybe have it back ? Why DICE is consistently making frustrating decisions for the player base ? Why do they take out all the game modes I actually enjoy and have fun with (Rush, Rush 64, Squad conquest) ?

For Firestorm in general, a lot of feedback has been given already on the horrendous loot system so I'll give my opinion on other topics.

  • Armor. It may be unpopular but I think there are enough armor plates in the map. The real issue IMO is how to maintain your armor stack when you play aggressively. Not every player has 3 extra plates and they become rarer as the player count skrinks down. Armor is so important considering the gunplay that players can be inhibited to get into firefights towards the final circles when they don't have enough plates. I don't have a solution for that but I think things could be tweaked a bit around that topic. One thing for sure, plates should be transferred when you pick up another one on a body. It's not unbalanced IMO and contributes to answer the issue I mentionned before.
  • The map is great even if sometimes it can feel "empty", especially in the snowy area because of the lack of cover and trees. It is probably just an impression but I tend to avoid that area whenever I can because I just feel more exposed.
  • Weapons balance could be tweaked. Shotguns are too common compare to their inneficiency. The Bren could be nerfed a bit more as it is one of the most versatile and easy to use weapon with 0 recoil, even the green one. The frag grenade rifle should be out of the game as it requires almost 0 skill and it can ruin potentially balanced firefights IMO. Panzerfausts should be limited to 3 considering the huge amount of explosives already in the game and the vulnerability of vehicles (AKA death traps).
  • Flare guns could be more common as it is the most useful gadget IMO in regards of the visibility and camping "issues".

But apart from this, great job from Criterion and DICE for making FS such a good game. It is my first BR experience and I never thought I would enjoy it that much. I still have a big wish list but I feel like I already wrote too much. Keep the feedbacks going in the comments and see you in the Battlefield !

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