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Could we please have the maps from the single-player war stories? As well as giving objectives more meaningful benefits.

Battlefield 4 - Could we please have the maps from the single-player war stories? As well as giving objectives more meaningful benefits.

Like please the single player maps are beautiful and I think we should transfer them over to multiplayer, of course the first mission of under no flag should have some altercations, but the layout should stay exactly the same and have it expand to the bridge and what not after that I would just like to see all the single player maps including the ones from the last tiger added to the multiplayer because it seems like they have a lot better layouts then the current roster of multiplayer maps.

I would love to see more maps in Africa not just Hamada the boring desert map, because Africa has a lot of beautiful trees and beautiful plants and stuff that you can run over with your tank and it has a ton of cover and a lot of places to hide such as tall grass making it the perfect opportunity for those who are smart and want to use that to their advantage to flank around the enemy and with the amount of biomes that are in Africa from jungles to Desert that means there are so many options for maps that could be created take the map from the second chapter of under no flag, I think that would be an amazing Battlefield map.

Objective should also be more meaningful and there should be side objectives in Conquest oh, so they are smaller objectives that overall benefit your team but not as much as the bigger objectives, but once you capture a lot of side objectives it really would add up. So let's say that the second chapter of under no flag the radar station is an objective that's capturable and usable in the multiplayer, the team that has it would automatically spot enemy planes because of the significance of that radar station.


I feel like radar could be improved upon and actually become a solid game mechanic, another objective idea could be artillery which allows the commander if he returns or it bolsters the scouts with the spotting players being able to sending artillery strikes, some other objectives that could be awesome would be like a tank Factory or an airplane Hangar or severe aches that give you bonus tickets and my personal favorite idea of all would be a V2 LaunchPad or a shipyard that allows the team to spawn more ships.

I feel like the last time Battlefield has been all it could be was in Battlefield 1942, I'm not saying that other Battlefield games were good because they were Battlefield 4 was amazing, but I feel that the grand scheme in the grand scope of the battle could be extended to the size it was in the original game.

Now if you were going to create a new map and give each objective a special benefit to the team, tell me where would the objective be taking place when and what benefits would the objectives give your team? Or the team that holds them

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