Battlefield 5

Current Bugs in BFV 9/16/19

Battlefield 8 - Current Bugs in BFV 9/16/19

Keep in mind these are random order. Firestorm is not included on this list.

  • High PING, Latency & Stutters are still a problem accross all platforms.
  • UI Home screen freeze.
  • Excessive heat distance haze on Al Sundan.
  • Can't jump over some windows in Al Sundan.
  • Respawn timer reset bug.
  • Tank cannon shells sometimes don't register vs enemy tanks. Same goes for bombs on planes they sometimes don't register the hit.
  • Server Disconnect bug (server kicks everyone out)
  • Ammo/Health crates sink into ground dissapearing.
  • New ADS bug after throwing smoke or using spot mechanic.
  • V1 noise bug in Operation Underground.
  • Panzerstorm Axis tank glitch (displays a tank on german spawn but isn't available)
  • Plane crash bug at start of rounds on Mercury & Al Sundan (You spawn nose diving into ground)
  • Spawning in vehicle but never actually spawning (Force Quit) Spawning in tank/plane & dying (Force Quit).
  • Re-inforcement binoculars bug, doesn't display yellow drop zone.
  • Dark Grey backdrop messages in multiplayer that block vision to the game.
  • Pause menu still viewable after exiting.
  • Losing Spawn Beacon in inventory when placing it in an area not allowed.
  • Collision Mesh bug, shots being blocked off by objects not in place.
  • Soldier screen jerk when prone near objects.
  • Scottish Play torso bug, grenades on chest are visible when reloading in Combined Arms.
  • Reflex Optic Sight glare bug.
  • Team Balance on all platforms.
  • Anti-cheat on PC.
  • Chat box dissapearing bug.
  • Cannot discard CC assignments anymore.
  • CC Assignments are mixed up worse than before.
  • Could not fetch ID report after-round bug.
  • Can't organize our vehicle selection in-game.
  • 20mm Staghound/Panzer 38T AP rounds do no damage vs tanks.
  • Staghound air damage (cannon shots never show it hitting your tank)
  • MAB 38 missing magazine in 3rd person view.
  • Universal Carrier top MG is off-sight.
  • Stug Tank enclosed turret has the spot ping off-sight.
  • Tank black zoom screen
  • Tank recticle/crosshairs temporarily dissapears while in zoom mode.
  • Tank shake when near other tanks.
  • Grey pixelized soldiers at start of a match.
  • Pixelized soldier faces (usually when reviving)
  • Planes sometimes have lag when trying to zoom in 1st person view.
  • Ju 88's underbelly turret doesn't display hitmarkers.
  • Mosquito 20mm hispanos doesn't display hitmarkers.
  • Plane Radar Bug (not properly displaying enemy planes on minimap)
  • Blenheim paradrop specilization bugged.
  • Field Repair specilization for planes sometimes fails to repair wing damage.
  • When flying in planes near the mountains of Narvik & Fjell you can potentially crash into invinsible objects.
  • See through smoke on Marita. Bulletproof bushes on Marita. Transparent mountains in Marita.

Feel free to comment more bugs or issues you have experienced.


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