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Databrowser Wrap-Up 6.2: “Sorry guys, we forgot to mention the vehicle rebalance”

Battlefield 1 - Databrowser Wrap-Up 6.2: "Sorry guys, we forgot to mention the vehicle rebalance"

Another patch, another haul, and this time, it is probably Dice's most flagrant omission yet: A re-balance of the damage and splash values of easily half of all vehicle projectiles. Great job, just a small detail, ya know. Its not like you fundamentally changed the viability of an entire ammo class. My apologies for being late, but whereas normally Dice leaves me with a post-it note this time they left me with half of the fucking patchnotes instead.

But more on that later, lets leave with the things they left out that the patch actually advertised:

Weapon balance

  • The Sturmgewehr 1-5 has gotten a recoil buff. Though its horizontal recoil sum is unchanged, its recoil is now slightly left-biased and the yaw of its pattern was reduced.
  • The M1907 on the other hand got the recoil buff I spoke about in the previous wrap-up removed. It now again has an equal distribution of horizontal recoil and has its old yaw value back.
  • The Lewis not only got its minimum recoil increased, but also its max recoil decreased. So it got buffed. Because they made it more consistent. Which means that unless you are one of the 3 sentient lifeforms in the universe that picks a Lewis for tapfire potential, it will now serve you better.
  • The FG42 and LS26 both got a considerable decrease in their yaw and now have biased recoil patterns, with the FG42 now pulling right and the LS26 pulling left.
  • Sig KE7 got a yaw decrease
  • Luger 1906 had its ammo reserves increased from 25 to 50
  • VickersK got its swap out time increased from 1 second to 1.1 second.
  • Type 100 has gotten its left-side horizontal recoil increased by 0.01 and has gotten its dispersion decreased from 1.37 to 1.3.
  • M3 has gotten its dispersion decreased from 0.5 to 0.4
  • Wz38 has gotten its deploy time increased from 1s to 1.3 second. Because it was apperantly in danger of being too effective?
  • MAB and MP34 both gotten a significant hipfire spread decreased (From 0.6 to 0.34) and a small aimed fire dispersion decrease (from 0.182 to 0.165). This may be a revert of some 5.2 change but I am honestly too lazy to check.
  • Boys had its deploy time increased from 1.2 seconds to 1.4 seconds.

Cho-cho changes

Another patch, another swathe of changes to the shoshat that will most likely not amount to anything at all ever because at this point I am convinced Dice just keeps making tweaks to it to torment the rest of the community. First of all, its rate of fire got put back to where it belongs, at 327 instead of 299 which is what 5.2 cursed it with. It also has seen a steep drop in its hipfire spread increase, from 0.94 to 0.6. It ALSO became the recipient of the "Improved ADS Moving" and "Improved hipfire" that some other weapons recieved (which is described in the changes of the M2). And on top of that, it had its bipod skins removed, which brings it in-line with the other LMG's (Though not all of the November Mine MMG's curiously enough). And so, it lurches ever so closer to being 110% uber duper release ready. Dicks. Anyways, enjoy some more suffering u/GIVE_CHAUCHAT .

The entire vehicle rebalance they kinda forgot about:

First of all, all AP, APCR and APCB munitions recieved a rather substantial buff in impact damage (Except for the 20mm/.50 ammo). To save on some screen real-estate, i'll put them in a handy dandy table:

Now, I must stress, impact damage will only affect tank vs tank battles.

Gun NameOld valueNew value
3inch GCG gun210325
75mm Vickers170225
Crocodile APCBC-HE ammo135170
37mm LJ AP125140
37mm Pz38T125140
6pdr Valentine170225
75mm PAK40190250
57mm Type 97150170
37mm Ka-Mi125160
37mm M5 LVT125140 (Rip)
75mm Sherman170250

So, yeah, all AP ammunition is a lot more viable.

Now lets move on to vehicle specific changes:

  • Churchill gun carrier: On top of having the most potent AP shots in the game, which can currently do 26 damage on a perfectly frontal hullshot of a tiger, its HESH ammo is currently a lot more versatile, now having 15 additional blast damage (which brings it to 100, allowing it to instantly kill infantry), having 4m of blast rather than its previous 3m. It also seems to have lost its ricochet weight, which may or may not mean that it is now incapable of ricochetting in its entirity. And to top off the "fuck you I win" power of the new HESH, its impact damage was increased from 170 to 250. Its standard munition is currently the most potent standard ammo in the game for anti-infantry usage, as its blast radius got increased to 6m, up from its previous 5m, and it now does 170 impact damage rather than its previous 135. This tank is definitely the winner of the rebalance.
  • Churchhill: If you are rocking the 95mm, you can now swap to your HESH shots and back a lot faster, as they decreased the swap time by a full 2 seconds, from 3.6 to 1.6 seconds. Both its HESH and HE 95mm also got 2 additional shots (8 and 20 respectively). Its normal 75mm however got 4 extra shots (From 24 to 28).
  • Valentine: Its normal shots got 20% more impact damage. as if they ever needed a buff.
  • Staghound: Its normal shot now has 5m blast radius, up from 4m. Its 20mm ammo swaps a bit faster. Its Long John adapter also got the drag increase, which is bullshit, and the Long John AP is now the only AP munition with the drag increase. It also had its inner blast radius (max damage zone) lowered. However, to offset this, its rockets have seen a substantial buff, with their blast damage having been increased by 50% (from 120 up to 180), their blast radius going from 4m up to 5m and their initial velocity possibly having been doubled from 100m/s to 200m/s
  • Pz38t: All the same changes the stag hound had where relevant
  • PzIV & StuG: the stubby 75mm has been buffed considerably, with its gravity pull being significantly decreased from -12.00 to -9.81, and its impact damage was increased from 86 to 105.
  • Tiger: Standard munitions has gotten its impact damage increased from 150 to 170. It now switched between ammo types faster. HEAT ammo has seen its impact damage increased from 250 to 325, so its now on-par with the GCG.
  • Ka-Mi: Faster swaptimes for the 13.2mm guns, and blast radius increased from 4 to 5m.
  • LVT: Same changes, and its now objectively the best AA out of the too since for whatever reason the LVT and only the LVT has seen the start range of the .50 ammo increased from 15 to 30m and its endrange increased from 70 to 100m.
  • Type 97: Another big winner of the rebalance. 57mm HE got its damage buffed from 75 to 80 damage and had its impact radius increased from 4m to 5m. the Type 75mm Type 3 saw its ammo lowered to 21, HOWEVER, the type 5 75mm went down to even 16, but in exchange for this it basically fires the Sherman HEAT rounds by default, with its damage having gone up from 150 to 250 and its impact radius being lowered from 4m to 3m. So yeah, that's one way to level the playing field.
  • Sherman: 75mm impact damage increased from 85 to 112 damage. Blast radius increased to 5m from 4m. 76mm HEAT now does 250 impact damage up from 170 like the Type 97 Type 5 cannon does.

As you can see, all tank vs tank combat should be a bit faster, and most HE weapons now has a higher splash radius…Which kinda makes me questions the point of the drag increase if you make it easier to land killing shots?

Aircraft has also not been left untouched. The first big change is that all explosive air-to-air solutions has seen a absolutely massive change to their blast radius and blast distribution, a change presumably done to minimize dusting. From what I've tested these changes only apply when the projectile impacts with an aircraft, but theoretically you should be able to hit infantry with it if you time it right. All airburst explosions now have a 12m radius with a inner radius of 11m. Based on my testing, all missiles and aircraft cannons now are a LOT more consistent. Only the 37mm Stuka has been left untouched.

All aircraft rockets have seen their reload time lowered from 15 seconds to 10 seconds, and have seen their initial velocity increased to 200m/s. Rockets have seen further buffs with all of them getting 25% more blast radius (from 4m up to 5m). The heavy rockets of the US and Japanese plans have seen a very substantial and earned buff going from 180 blast damage up to 320 blast damage.

From what I can tell, any bomb dropped by your aircraft will now inherit the diving speed of your aircraft, making dive-bombing more effective. This is however merely speculation due to the addition of the +InitialSpeedScaleByPitch tag added to all gravity bombs. This change was already present on pacific planes. From what I can tell from a few test runs with the Stuka, bombs actually drop at its aiming reticle (or almost) when diving at a decent angle.

Speaking of pacific planes, all pacific planes have seen the rate of fire of their bombs lowered quite drastically from 550 for the 250lb and firebombs down to 200, and from 400 for the 500lb down to 100. They've also seen a 25% increase on the rate of fire of all rockets, from 200 to 250. The incendiary bomb has seen its area of effect radius brought down from 9m to 8m, bringing it in line with its visual effect.

All 20mm HE ammo has been nerfed, it has went from having a blast radius of 1.4m down to having one of 1.2m with an inner radius of 1.0m. Its range has been slightly nerfed with its time to live having been reduced down to 1.4 from 1.6

There has also been 2 faction specific changes; first of all, all Japanese aircraft LMG has seen a significant range nerf, with their fall-off starting at 50, down from 70, and it stopping at 130m, down from 150m. I have no idea why only the Zero has been affected though.

The glide bomb has been basically reworked. It now inherits slightly less speed from its parent plane, but its gravity has been pushed down from the standard -9.81 all the way down to -2, which makes it, you know, actually fucking glide. It is now also destructable if hit with more than 200 damage. It also has a impact predictor now. To make up for the ease of use and increased range, its blast range has been nearly cut in half, from 14 (Highest non V1 in the game) all the way down to 8. Its blast damage has however been increased from 185 up to 220. Its now more of an assassin weapon that a unweildy ghetto V1.

So thats all folks. It only took me a full hour to write it down. Thats roundabout half the bloody patch you missed, DICE.

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