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Decoding TEEET Cryptic BF6 Message!

Battlefield 3 - Decoding TEEET Cryptic BF6 Message!

Spent too much time thinking about this, but here's what I have so far in terms of decoding the cryptic Battlefield 6 TEEET teaser video / tweet. I could be wrong, and the whole thing could be fan-made, except that @ NiklasAstrand added "TEEET" to his Twitter profile bio after denying his connection to it.

OK –

TEEET itself may reflect the radio sound in the video, or the sound of Morse code. But TEEET may also be the key / pattern to use (like Morse code): *This *Exclude *Exclude *Exclude *This. The official Twitter handle is @ TEEET88318895. My best guess is that 88 is a break / null in the encoded message. If you take a look at the string of code at the bottom of the video, it begins with 88 and after 14 digits has 88 again and what follows is an increasing iteration of the exact same digits (by one number).

So what is "88318895"? Well, these begin with 88, so let's assume we skip that. The numbers "31" agree with the idea that we skip three, use one. The pattern of TEEET is A-B-B-B-A. So, if we are going with the theory that the E could mean exclude, we would exclude three numbers and then use one, exclude three numbers and then use one.

What seems to affirm my theory is that in the video, the first line ending with ONLINE skips three underscores right at the beginning. I don't believe this was a mistake as the other lines keep only one space between the and the _ underscores. Together with "31" I think what it means is we must begin the process of decoding by skipping the first 3 numbers and then use the next numeral as the value to decode. (Versus beginning by using one and skipping the next three- it's clarification).

Side note: Seems interesting that 3 could be incorporated into the key for the whole thing.*

Remember, we also exclude the 88's or see them as a type of a break either in the message or the code itself. So looking at the numerical string of code in the video, we might begin by excluding "88," skipping "2-3-5" and use 2. Simply lined up with the alphabet, 2 = B (could be).


Before moving on, let's return to the Twitter handle 88318895 – What is the "95"? After giving it more thought, what it could it possibly mean that the 9s and 5s in the video code are exceptions to the rule and must be included also.

Ok, so let's return to the code. Skip 3, use one. Skip 2-3-5, use 2 (B), use 9 (I), skip 4-1-1, use 7 (G), skip 6-4-7, use 8 (H), use 5 (E)… <<< Seems like it could be working, but I haven't made it much further.

Look at the actual text boxes in the video above the numerical string. Looks like four words which have 4, 7, 3, and 6 letters. I'm not sure how to incorporate that into the process… (Although "Big" does have 3 letters.) Also I'm not sure how to interpret ONLINE – MALFUNCTIONING – ONLINE – STANDBY except that it's another pattern that reflects the use, skip, use, and break (88) rules. This is probably important somehow.

Last thoughts! Some or all of the decoding, with or without the above ideas, may need to be done backwards or in reverse as the video was in reverse (although the text in the video was descending); but the reversed speech might have just been a general clue pointing to BF3. Lastly – Not sure how the glitched out frame in the video factors in – some people say it looks like the loading screen for Hamada (BFV) and I agree, so there might be something hidden on that map.

Help crack the code! Oh, and hello DICE.

(Oh, one more theory: : "CD B:" and "B loaded successfully" could mean Battlefield, or B, as in the B side of the CD, I.E. second try / remake of BF3. Probably doesn't matter though. What can I say, I'm just a detail guy.)

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