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Dice don‘t change TTK and don’t lower the skill gap and here is why.

Battlefield 4 - Dice don‘t change TTK and don’t lower the skill gap and here is why.

Talking about the downfall of another game and how the same will happen to BFV if Dice keeps alienating its core players as.

I was playing H1Z1 professionally which is a dead game now. I had to put 1000 hours into it to just stop being shit on. People were loving the challenge and we had a core fanbase of around 30k.

BR blows up and we have many new players and many of them began crying that the game is too hard. So the devs change gunplay completely to make it easier for casuals. They alienated their core fanbase. I clock in at a bit more than 3000 hours and the recoil, a core gameplay part was changed 5 times. Talk about not sticking to your initial decision. They went as far to change the recoil and safezones 2 weeks before we flew out to Dreamhack Winter to play in a big tournament. We had to force them to give us an older version client. In the meanwhile the game declined and people left for PUPG, Fortnite etc. but this time the core base left the game aswell because it just wasn’t the game they began playing and loving.


How does that transfer to BF?

You promised skill based gameplay, people bought the game because of that and u built another core fanbase for this game supporting you. People put up with shit like reducing the game 50% off etc. because they still love the gameplay.

You shouldn’t change the game because people are too lazy to learn the game wtf?

Game already has low numbers so keep investing in ur core fanbase because if they leave it‘s game over, and they will leave trust me. Don’t change your game after like one month of it being released seriously.

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