Battlefield 5

DICE, fixing the Company Coins issue should be a VERY high priority.

Battlefield 3 - DICE, fixing the Company Coins issue should be a VERY high priority.

Just in case you weren't already aware:

There is a significant percentage of the playerbase sitting at lvl 50, not earning company coin for playing the game.

Everyone who hits level 50, loses the ability to earn Company Coin from any source other than Daily Assignments, with reports of occasionally earning a few hundred points in a match here and there.

There are people with hundreds of hours in this game who haven't earned company coin since the first few days of launch. This is a HUGE issue and should have been fixed IMMEDIATELY upon discovery.

I don't understand how people aren't more outraged about this tbh. The only currency that exists right now to unlock specialization and cosmetics, and ALL of the games most dedicated players can't earn it anymore. I know people who have stopped playing the game because they can essentially never unlock anything again until this is fixed.


I've also seen people saying "well at least you can still earn 300 a day from daily assignments" and am not sure why people are even defending this in the first place. I'm really hoping this is misguided optimism, and not a defense tbh. It takes 2050CC to fully spec a weapon, and 3000CC to fully spec a vehicle. Want a single 20,700CC skin? That'll be 69 DAYS of daily assignment grinding. Decided to switch the Staghound out for the Churchill? That's 10 days of doing every single daily assignment, just to spec it.

It's been like this since launch, and it's disgraceful. Please fix this as soon as possible. At the very least, be WAY more vocal about how it's being handled.

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