Battlefield 5

DICE, please, fire the guy in charge of armory rotations

Battlefield 8 - DICE, please, fire the guy in charge of armory rotations

What the fuck is this shit? STG44 Jager and Sten Desert Rat AGAIN?!

Listen, you lemmings, at the current rate of rare skin releases, it would already take a ridiculous amount of time to even reach the point of duplicates showing up.

Let me reiterate;

We currently have 47 main weapons in the game. Every main weapon has at least 3 Boin skins (This either being Jager, Desert Rat or White Tiger for weapons added prior to the Commando Carbine and Scrim, Resistance and Caveileira for weapons added after it), that makes for 141 armory skins JUST AT THE MOMENT OF SPEAKING. With the current rate of rotation we'd need 70 weeks or 1 year and 5 months to rotate through all of them ignoring the ones that already have been put up.

This is ignoring:

The weapons that are yet to be added (Which will at LEAST be 7 weapons or 21 skins more before the end of the year (Assuming the Pacific launches with the M1A1 Bazooka, Lunge mine and Type 99 Mortar taking up 3 of the "at least 7 weapons and gadgets"))

The eventuality of new Boins skins being added (Like Damascus being implemented for more weapons)

The Eventuality of Chapter- related skins re-rotating into the armory.

A negligable amount of 1-skin rotations


With the current weirdly limited weapon rotation, we are looking at quite likely, by the time support for this game seizes, about 2.5 years worth of rotations. 2.5 years. So, why the fuck, in the name of all that is holy, is this already the THIRD time we've seen the StG44 Jager if we are still almost 2 years away from warranting duplicates showing up. This is BEYOND incompetent.
And why would I buy it anyways? My STG is already swimming in skins. I have 3 rare skins given to me already and 2 highly usable uncommon skins. Because here's the thing about skins, Dice, I can only have one, and I for one am pretty satisfies with my Ivory-Chrome-NightOwl mix.

Read:  So I played CQ core today and holy fu*k, *it was so god damn sweaty and it felt amazing.*

I swear, the main thing standing in the way of this game being a steady source of income for EA is whatever lemming is doing the armory. Absurdly small rotations given the quantity of content, idiotic value proposals (10 euros for the C4 kit which gives me 4 extremely versatile weapon skins, a good rare Axis skin and C4 bonuses which will realistically indirectly translate to 2 more rare skins. Or instead, a fully modeled, voice acted character that also comes with its own melee weapon. Or instead, 10 euros for some cloth around my MAB. Difficult choice) and duplicates happening a full year before they have any right to pop up are such an ill-thought policy that you might want to investigate the culprit for corporate sabotage.

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