Battlefield 5

DICE show us your data! (that triggered your TTK change)

Battlefield 2 - DICE show us your data! (that triggered your TTK change)

We've been told that despite the strawpoll carried out that showed players are happy with the original TTK, there is data that shows new players are leaving due to the fast TTK.

As a community, this experience is 'despite the public strawpoll info that says the opposite, we have secret information that proves our point'.

In the interests of diffusing the current mess, I suggest sharing this data to show how you came to your conclusion. This way the community will understand, and hence support, your decision.

Three outcomes, all positive:

  1. If your data clearly shows the problem, the community will support your decision. We all want lots of BF5 players and a healthy game.
  2. If your conclusions are mistaken, then reddit will figure this out and a better course of action can be decided by you. And your error will be fixed.
  3. If your action is a supposition, and you want to run the new TTK to compare to the prior data, than say so. And share the before and after data so that your community understands your decision and supports you.

If you don't want to share exact numbers, abstract them so that your competition don't have a field day.

By making a decision based on hidden information, a decision that runs counter to the visible information, DICE are creating a problem that is pretty toxic. We're being told we have to support decisions without understanding them, or being given enough information to understand them.

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