Battlefield 5

DICE vs. The Community

Battlefield 4 - DICE vs. The Community

Battlefield V's release is delayed because they need more time.

Battlefield V is released with missing content that has been promised to be released Soon™.
* "WTF Dice, the game isn't finished, you should have released it in march 2019!"
* "PLS Dice, we want a new map"
* "FCK EA Dice, where's the final solo chapter?"
* "Come on Dice, where's the coop mode?"
* "Dice, you're a joke, when is Firestorm gonna come? I know you've said it'll come later, but WHEN?"
* "RIP Dice, your game is dead, where the hell are our cosmetics?!!"

1 month later, Dice adds the final solo chapter.
* "WTF Dice, I don't give a fuck about the solo campaign, you don't know how to make a solo campaign (but still, this chapter is the best, I'd play a solo campaign if all the chapters were like this one)

2 month later, Dice adds "Panzerstorm" as a new Conquest map.
* "Come on Dice, we want new content… new maps, this one sucks donkey balls. Just like most of the vanilla maps. I only like 2 maps, why did I pay for the other maps?!"
* "Come on Dice, I hate conquest, we need more content"

… and also adds the COOP campaign.
* "LOL Dice, we don't give a shit about the coop campaign. You don't get it, don't you? But add matchmaking, because I still wanna play it with my friends"

Dice turns "Panzerstorm" into a Grand Operation map.
* "… Dice. Why the fuck would I play Grand Operation?! Battlefield IS conquest! (by the way, this map is gorgeous by night, I love the gameplay on it, but we want Conquest map, sorry xoxo)"

Dice then adds Firestorm.
* "Haha, Dice is failing to deliver new content. I don't give a flying batshit about Firestorm! Why the fuck can't we play Duo?! (although it's already been confirmed it will be available soon)"

Dice finally delivers BC.
* "WTF Dice?! We have to actually pay real money for cosmetics using BC?! Was it the plan since the beginning?! YOU LIED TO US"
* "Those cosmetics are terrible, you guys have no talent don't know what WWII is. I don't want them (but let me purchase them with my CC)"

In the meantime, Dice added new weapons, new vehicles, new cosmetics, new temporary game modes that have been confirmed to be back.


Also, since the next Roadmap has been published, we do know Dice will add more new weapons, more new vehicles, more new cosmetics, more new game modes and… more maps. All of this has been confirmed. So, according to this roadmap, here's what's should happen :

Dice adds new COOP missions and gives us matchmaking. * "Fuck Dice, why do you give us matchmaking for a dead gamemode?! Could you please do COOP as it was initially promised?"

Dice adds the new Merkur map. * "Dice, this maps sucks. And only 1 map?! We were told we would get 4 new maps!!!"

Dice adds new maps for new close combat gamemode.
* "WTF Dice?! You used your resources to make new maps for close combat?! This isn't Battlefield! We want tanks, planes, boats. Why did you make those maps?!! WE WANT MORE CONTENT (by the way, those gamemodes sucks, but we hope it will be back very soon)"

Dice adds the new Marita map.
* "OMG Dice, you should all find a new job! This map is terrible and isn't even remotely close to WWII. We loved those close combat maps, why the fuck are there planes and vehicles on this one?!"

Dice adds RSP.
* "Can't you get it?! RSP is terrible, bad admins everywhere, splits the community and all those privates servers where people are just farming. And we have to actually pay for RSP?! Can't we just use our CC to rent a server?! RSP is terrible for all those reasons (but we want 3rd party servers FFS)"

Dice removes RSP in BF6.
* "Why the fuck can't we have 24h maps servers?! We want RSP!"

Dice adds a new Urban Combat map.
* "FUCK YOU Dice. Seriously, FUCK YOU. I don't know why and I don't give a shit no more, just FUCK YOU."

After 2 years, Dice add the final content to the game. * "I hate live service. I want Premium back. But I don't wanna pay more than $30. In fact, just give it us for free."

BF6 is a F2P
* "LOL, RIP Battlefield Franchise"

Can't wait for the Chapter 5.

EDIT: Format. And I also wanted to add that this is obviously a caricature (don't feel offended in anyway, but you will, probably). But this is also the feel I get whenever I come on this sub. Every week, there's a new controversy.

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