Battlefield 5

DICE, we need to talk a bit. This is getting real bad.

Battlefield 3 - DICE, we need to talk a bit. This is getting real bad.

Dear DICE devs, I don't post here much nor i know how to use reddit properly, English is my 3rd language, so please forgive me if i wrecked my grammar. Okay, lets start of with this, I'm a fan of your franchise and i seriously love your game but for the love of god please help us South East Asian players and i'm sure they are your greatest fans too. I'm glad that you've included Singapore servers and Japan servers for us. It's really great and it's really helpful unlike BF1 where we had to play with pings over 100+ every time as there are no SG servers. Now to the Point. It's illogical but please hear me out.

Please segregate China/Taiwan players into their own servers please. I beg of you please. I'm on the verge of crying out of frustration and anger. I work as an internal auditor and system engineer for the whole week, from 8am to 8pm and up to over 16 hours if there is more work to do. All i want to do is go home get into a few conquest mode and go to sleep to start the next work day. Its dreadful for me at work and the only way to let it out is to play BFV or go back to BF1 with laggy servers for me.


I play almost everyday if i can, so i do notice stuff, apart from bugs or glitches i don't mind, its battlefield. One thing that frustrates me the most is HACKERS which almost all of them is from China, I can tell because they speak the same language as i do, with an annoying accent. They too has no courtesy and manners, they wouldn't even mind screaming at the mic all the time and i had to turn off VOIP in game. I've noticed Since the last update, they are increasing more and more. They will spend half of the game headshotting people from across the map with an LMG and the rest of it building fortifications especially if they found out people are spectating them. They are getting out of hand here in SEA servers and at one point there is at least 10 of them duelling each other out with who has the best hacks. Seriously please help us. Segregate them, i know not all of them are bad but we have 0 choice here. To deal with China-borns is by letting them taste their own medicine. Bans won't do jack shit as they can just buy the game again and again as they are goddamn rich. Chinese games does this to discourage hackers, you don't ban them but just pit all identified hackers against each other with an all out survival royale and you will see them cease to play out of frustration. Basically them devs locked the hackers out into another server that they can't leave and they will be joined by other hackers. I've seen it worked pretty well.

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I'm rambling too much, it's really frustrating when you joined a server only to be PeeFausted all the way from across the map, getting nailed with a Liberator from enemy spawn or gunned down non stop with an MG42 aimed at spawn. I love this game, i love you all at the dev room, thanks for this awesome game and it is pretty, but underneath there is maggots eating its way up your chairs and tables, please don't let them eat up the whole office.

Yours sincerely, MD

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