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DICE, why not create a new grand operation includes Nordlys maps? Hear my detailed suggestion.

Battlefield 7 - DICE, why not create a new grand operation includes Nordlys maps? Hear my detailed suggestion.

I know most of us are disappointed by the war stories in the game, but I see no reason for not to turn these into advantage. While almost the whole assets are already ready there, it wouldn't cost lots of budget for the development either. If it was something like I am going to suggest or anything close to it, it would probably have been my favorite Grand Operation.

Day 1

Map: Still and Silent chapter

Game mode: Rush

First Sector As the pictures I uploaded states, for the first sector there should be a little village like few buildings where it will be an easy target for attackers to begin. While the Bomb Location A is pretty easy, the bridge will be a hell for attackers and it will be the handicap of the first sector for both sides. However, once the first target is gone, the attackers will also be able to kill the defenders camping on/under the bridge. It will let attackers to push easier. Additionals like a bunker and some concrete walls for the Bomb Location B would make the location more balanced. I know it is a bit small area for 32v32 server, but I feel they can change the terrain of the map bit to give some more space.

Second Sector It is a huge castle like fort which is pretty epic to attack. The main gate and the tunnel on the right are the key paths to enter the place. The little sewer like tunnel should may become a normal tunnel, so it won't be a deadly camp fest for defenders. The attackers can also advance from the main gate by spamming smokes which would push players to find out tactics to get there. The top left hill path should be blocked, so attackers would need to push against to the gate. Additional tank trap in front of the main gate would make the area a better placed location. It is again a bit small scale area for 32v32, but I feel DICE can manage the place. Especially attacking to the fort with huge walls from main gates would give Omaha like moment for defenders/attackers. Considering the map is night even makes it more immersive to me.

Sector 3 In sector three, the fights take through offices where I feel it would give great close quarter moments. DICE can just even copy and paste some rooms inside those buildings to duplicate and make the inner building bit more larger for 32v32. It would be again very immersive to take out those bomb targets. Target B will be very easy once the target A is fallen. Somehow if the first target is impossible to be taken, attackers may spam smokes and try to flank the other target which would divide the defenders. In logic, the main bomb location is A.

About the Capture Point , the spawn point for the attackers will be bit far from the headquarter buildings, however there is a connection bridge between two buildings. If attackers capture the point, it will let them to spawn there and flank the bomb location building other than the first floor enterance. While it doesn't give any spawn bonus for the attackers, when the defenders have this point, they will have an additional tank spawn for the last sector which will be very critical to take out attackers coming from outside to the target building. So for also attackers, to keep the reinforcements trying to take out both targets, they will not want the enemy have a tank spawned outside.

For the general state of the vehicles on the map, I feel the map should be infantry based and there shouldn't be planes. However, once the first sector is fallen, considering it is a difficult place to ride tanks due to the terrain in real, it would make sense to give one tank spawn for the attackers starting from the second sector. The defenders get a tank on the last sector. For the beginning of last sector, since they already have the capture point, they will already have two tanks spawned there. If tanks are used in smart way, they can be deadly for the attackers, however considering attackers will already have a tank and also advance by using smokes, the tanks that defenders have can be taken easily. We know piats can turn into a Katyusha if 6-7 players attack to the same place.


Day 2

Map: Wolf and Dog chapter

Game mode: Breakthrough

First Sector Again as the pictures I uploaded states, the attackers start by spawning from the high ground like in the single player mission. For the Capture Point B , just like in the Aedrome Breakthrough's third sector's point B, a small military outpost can be added there.

Second Sector Due the the map design, once the first sector is completed, the map divides into two different paths. The attackers can start spawning near the bridge and for sector 2, there can be three different objective areas like St.Quentin Scar village from BF1. For attackers, a plane and a tank spawn will start with the sector 2. For defenders, while they can also spawn one plane, they will be bringing two tanks for the sector. However, once one of the tanks get exploded, they will have permantenly one tank anymore. If DICE can manage making the place a bit bigger, we may have Operation Firestorm vibes for the Point A , and for Point B it will be capturing the ship. For the other Point C, there should be one more additional hangar/depot where the player is standing and it would create an intense close quarter combat there.

For this sector, different than other breakthrough maps, there won't be any retreat for the defenders and whoever dies will spawn from the next sector.

Sector 3 By the additional of some extra buildings near to Point B like in Narvik's second sector, it can be a good place for capture. And for the Point A , there can be an U-Boat dockyard which is defended by bunkers and some additional defensive fortifications. It can be like the dockyard placed in the middle of Zeebrugge map from Battlefield 1.

Day 3

Map: Fjell 652 v2.

Mode: Conquest

I had made a suggestion that if there was a mining cave under the Fjell 652 map, it would be very intense. As to have something fresh, by not having any capture points over the surface, I think by having multiple tunnels connected to the mining cave, we can have a great map like Operation Locker from Battlefield 1. There can be place for iron mining, scientific experiment room, armory and places like that under the mountain. While the tunnels connected to the underground, the point C from vanilla Fjell may have ladders going down. That place can also be still avaible to be captured on the map and the team gets the point C can also flank the mines from top. Instead I don't like playing conquest at all, for keeping the flanks fresh and players being in more intense close quarter combats, I feel classic conquest would be best for the map. This was my suggestion post to the Fjell already.

End of suggestion

I may have screwed the entire balance of the game and I can't tell I am anyone experienced about designing maps or coding. These were just ideas coming to my mind and having a Grand Operations like that would be very fresh and immersive to me. Even if DICE used vanilla Fjell 652 for Day 3, I would be still fine. We all want new maps and I know they require serious budget and decent time to be developed, so I feel such operations like that would be great to have. You can also give your suggestions, I am sure lots of you have a lot better ideas. I must have been careless at some points.

My English is sadly not the best, so my apologizes for the typo and grammar mistakes I did.

You can also vote here if you like to see an operation like that to give DICE a better idea about the community's feelings.

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