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Dice you’ve really dropped the ball and have probably put a massive dent into the game’s reputation.

Battlefield 8 - Dice you've really dropped the ball and have probably put a massive dent into the game's reputation.

From the beginning of this game's life it's been marked by controversy, lots of complaints from your community (baseless or not still people weren't happy) about stupid customisation and strange non ww2 period looks of the game already gave this game rocky beginnings.

After a delay the game finally came out, and hell a lot of people loved it even after the controversy. But it wasn't without complaints obviously, and justified ones at that. Bugs are everywhere, netcode and hitreg is fu*ked , balance is all over the place, unlocks are uninteresting and boring and there aren't many of them , game released unfinished. These are just to name a few , there's more that I know I haven't said and more that I am forgetting to say. But to summarise there are a lot of issues with the game that you guys needed to fix . But there's ONE thing that EVERYONE agreed on, the game FELT great , the shooting was better than previous games, the feel of guns and hits was great and the TTK overall was fine. I agreed with this, I found the game to be fun , fast paced when it needed to and slowed down when it had to be.


So you guys had 1 MAJOR positive from this game, after all the controversy and complaints you made something fun to play that could be redeemed. And what the fu*k do you do? You change the ONE fu*king thing that we all agreed was near perfect. The game still full of bugs, still balanced like shit, with some design decision that are just baffling (having to resupply tanks and planes as one example, feels like utter shite) the fact the game lacks content , no Russians, no Americans , no significant famous ww2 battles. And of course the good old battlefield netcode , instant death from 20 bullets registered at once. With this fu*king SEA of issues and improvements that you had to work upon you decide to change something that didn't fu*king need touching with a 10 foot fu*king pole.

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Honestly over there , after battlefront 2 (which I unfortunately purchased) and this, is there anyone with a square cm of gray matter left that can make decent fu*king decisions? Do you have ANYONE listening to forums and Reddit and your actual fu*king fanbase? Because at the moment the answer to both those questions is a glaring big fu*king NO.

And this, just during the big Christmas period, another controversy with the game, bad publicity, will probably hurt you way more than you think. And maybe the poor sales that you've experienced will get even worse after the shit you push out without thinking. Honestly you guys have turned into a joke Mickey mouse developer.

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