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Dinosaur mode.

Battlefield 6 - Dinosaur mode.

Greetings from Bfee!

Last night myself and some others had a bit of a eureka moment and I thought i'd come here to share.

We have had some hints to something in game from Niklas Astrand on twitter.

This started on april 30th with this tweet >
1123190910777462784 - Dinosaur mode.

He then followed up with this tweet about a "typo" >
1123199219521720321 - Dinosaur mode.

and finally this morse code tweet >
1123697951644246035 - Dinosaur mode.

The morse code in question translated to > snabbt hittas skulle ee mitt trodde jag which is Swedish but backwards. Second row says Creation Mode Gamer and "ledtraden" or ledtråden which is Swedish for "hint" (thanks to
Slodovalolotzo - Dinosaur mode.@Slodovalolotzo )

So Niklas morse code tweet can be translated to the following.

Jag trodde mitt EE skulle hittas snabbt, ledtråden är Game Mode Creation

= I thought my Easter Egg would be found quickly, the hint is Game Mode Creation.

Now it took us a while but it was eventually found by Donny and Collision that it was referring to his first tweet on April the 30th.


The morse code underneath this translated to "SOON PREROUND RED FLARES"

Now it took a while but last night I had a bit of a brain wave while scrolling through Niklas tweets. I eventually stumbled on this tweet from back on March 10th >
1104719484911316992 - Dinosaur mode.

A twitter poll about what sort of thing you'd like to be hunted by in an Easter egg or special game mode. So by chance i googled "dinosaur red flares" and got this >

the iconic T-rex scene from Jurassic Park. This then related to the lightning artist "typo" as the scene has lightning.

Edit: Found another Jurassic Park scene from the 3rd movie where a flare gun is used, lightning also features >

To finish it off and to speculate/confirm a dinosaur mode. His March 10th tweet mentioned a special game mode and the hint about red flares was discovered underneath Game mode creation tweet on April 30th.

thank you.

Hope its fully true but with a dinosaur footprint on Devastation, a T-Rex toy in Tiralleur and even a pterodactyl in Niklas "It Is alive" poster it's a lot of coincidence for it not to be in my opinion.

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