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DISCUSSION: Assignments & Missions

Battlefield 7 - DISCUSSION: Assignments & Missions

Hello Battlefield V community,

A big topic of conversation within our community focuses on our Assignments and Missions. From Daily Missions, regular assignments that rotate or increase towards the Mastery Assignments, Tides of War Assignments, Special Assignments, there's a lot to do in-game.

Since launch, we've been reading your feedback, concerns, complaints, and suggestions regarding these in-game missions and assignments – what's good, what's bad, what's confusing, etc.

Before we start the discussion, I wanted to give a rundown of some of the more common feedback that we've seen:

What's good?

  • Assignments that have multiple paths to completion give players more options.
  • Not requiring to complete all 3 parts of the assignments gives players more choice.
  • Some assignments require modes/maps some players may not normally play, so this can expand their perspective and experience within Battlefield V.
  • Some of the rewards are really cool and/or unique.

What's bad?

  • They're too convoluted. They should be simplified.
  • They do not promote teamplay, but focus on lone-wolf/do-your-own-thing style of play, which sacrifices the cohesiveness of the team.
  • They force players to play modes/maps/styles they don't want to.
  • The rewards aren't really worth the effort required.

(We've also seen a lot of feedback regarding being able to track ALL assignments simultaneously AND requests to have the ability to select assignments in-game rather than having to back out to the main menu. These requests are not going unheard or ignored. I don't have anything to share at this time regarding this, but it's definitely something the Devs have heard about from y'all and from me.)


So let's talk about Assignments and Missions.

  • Are there any in particular that you absolutely love? Any that you absolutely hate? (Be specific, if you can, and call out what detail of that assignment really stuck out.)
  • While some Assignments & Missions may have a focus on an individual's performance in a match (unlocks, etc.), what kind of balance would you suggest to ensure that teamplay/squadplay has a focus?
  • If you were given the opportunity to create an assignment, what would it look like? What would the criteria be? What would the reward(s) be? (Think of it in terms of Easy to Hard difficulty. Not everything can be super easy, and a lot of folks like difficult challenges, but EVERYTHING should be possible. When recommending a mission/assignment, keep that in mind. There's a vast skill-gap between "new boots" and "grizzled veterans" in Battlefield. Maybe some assignments only unlock once you've hit max rank? Maybe some are only available for new/low ranks – as a tutorial of sorts.)

I'm super excited to see what you come up with, and definitely want to keep this conversation going, so let's be respectful of each other, keep it constructive and friendly.


Jeff Braddock

North American Community Manager – Battlefield

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