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Discussion & Dive-In – Battlefield V Chapter 1: Overture Update

Battlefield 1 - Discussion & Dive-In - Battlefield V Chapter 1: Overture Update

The Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update is live!

As everyone should know already (if you don’t, surprise!), the Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update is now live worldwide on all platforms!

The following article will give you a one-stop destination for all blogs, trailers, update notes, and more so you don’t need to poke around on the internet to find what you need.

After digesting the available content, both in-game and on our channels, please come back to this thread to provide your feedback. We rely on you, our community, to help us to develop and continue improving Battlefield V for the best gameplay experience possible.

There's something about this screenshot that intrigues me. The movement, the colors, the impending doom.

ICYMI Rundown

Let’s dig into all of the latest articles, video, etc. that have been release in case you missed something.

  • Launch – As of Wednesday, December 5th, the Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update has launched worldwide for all platforms.
  • Overview – The update comes with the following content:
    • New Map – Panzerstorm
    • New Environment – The Practice Range
    • New War Story – The Last Tiger
    • New InGame Events – Weekly Missions & Rewards
    • New Base Game Updates – Battlefield V Game Improvements
  • Trailer – An all-new trailer has dropped that encompasses everything available with this update.

Battlefield V Update – Chapter 1: Overture

  • Blogs
  • Reddit AMAA – Chapter 1: Overture Ask Me Almost Anything – Our DICE devs joined us this morning to answer almost any question you’ve had in regards to the new update.
  • Asset Pack – Want to refresh that wallpaper? Need to update your YouTube video intro? Download the Chapter 1: Overture asset pack and get on it, soldier.
  • Landing Page – All-new Chapter 1: Overture landing page on with all the top-level information you need on the update.
  • Update Notes – Battlefield V Chapter 1: Overture Update Notes – Direct link to the 14-page PDF notes.
  • DXR Ray Tracing Updates – The latest update brought several improvements to the DXR technology.
    • DXR Ray Tracing Performance Optimizations
      • NVIDIA has been working closely with EA and DICE to rapidly optimize DXR Ray Tracing in Battlefield V, improving performance up to 50%.
      • GeForce RTX 2080 Ti gamers will now be able to achieve 60+ FPS at 1440p resolution with DXR Raytraced Reflections set to Ultra quality.
      • GeForce RTX 2080 gamers will now be able to achieve 60+ FPS at 1440p resolution with DXR Raytraced Reflections set to Medium quality.
      • GeForce RTX 2070 gamers will now be able to achieve 60+ FPS at 1080p resolution with DXR Raytraced Reflections set to Medium quality.
    • Other DXR Ray Tracing Improvements
      • Made stability improvements while running the game with DXR Ray Tracing on.
      • Improved performance of several components of the ray tracing implementation.
      • Improved ray tracing performance against foliage and vegetation.
      • Using frame buffer data, where applicable, to increase overall ray tracing quality.
      • Removed inactive geometry from ray traced scenes.
      • Fixed medium quality setting not applying correctly.
  • Video – Official DXR Dev Update – Up to 50% Performance Increase
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Battlefield V: Official DXR Dev Update – Up To 50% Performance Increase!

  • Known Issues – We’ve encountered the following known issues specific to the Chapter 1: Overture Update throughout the day, and will be updating our Known Issues thread.
    • Company Coin Retroactive Award
      • We’ve completed batch jobs that retroactively awarded players who reached Max Rank 50 prior to the Company Coin accrual fix. They have now received the appropriate Company Coin for time spent in game at Max Rank 50 where they were not receiving new Company Coin.
    • Game Crashes After Chapter 1: Overture Update
      • If you find Battlefield V is crashing post-update and you have an AMD graphics card, updating your Radeon graphics driver will make things more stable.
      • We’ve had reports of crashing on AMD cards with Radeon driver version 18.11.1 in single-player and multiplayer modes. We’re working with AMD on this, but in the meantime updating to Radeon version 18.2.1 will improve things for you.
    • Panzerfaust Improvements Confusion
      • We realize we put a lot of emphasis on the elements we "buffed" with the Panzerfausts and not enough about the “nerfs”. The maximum damage of the Panzerfaust has dropped. In all normal cases, the Panzerfaust will take more hits to kill all tanks, making tanks more survivable. The 5 damage hits were only rare edge cases of poor hits (less than 10 damage). Yes, while they are 3x better now, it's still only approximately 15 damage. When hitting a tank on its side, we've dropped the damage from approx. 50 to an estimated 25. From the rear, you used to be able to 2-shot a tank – now it takes at least 3 hits.
    • New Skin Prices
      • We’ve received reports that the Company Coin prices for some skins are quite high. We are taking a look at all prices and adjusting appropriately.
    • Not Getting the Tiger I Skin for Completing War Story: The Last Tiger
      • We’re currently investigating. Hold tight!
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Now that you’ve (hopefully) got your hands-on Chapter 1: Overture, digest the above and the update notes, we’re looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions below. Let’s hear it!

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