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EA did us dirty…

Battlefield 2 - EA did us dirty...

Now, I was never a huge fan of Battlefield V, as I'm a fan of the classics. Unfortunately, when Battlefield's newest generation of games came to the PS4, I noticed a downhill trend in playability quality. Battlefield 1 was literally the worst in the series I'd ever played, IMO, and although V is a step up, it's only a slight step.

That isn't necessarily where my gripe lies, however. Rather, EA announced that it's updates would end with this latest one that was pushed out this year. This latest update brought us all kinds of unreleased content including new maps, guns, tools, and other content. Sounds awesome, but I didn't find much solace in any of it. Some of the content was actually pretty good, while other parts were very unpolished and unnecessary. Seeming like some of it was hardly tested or even completely untested. To give an example: the M3 infrared's sight.

Now, this was a little disappointing, but we still had plenty of new content and a full game available to us. The real true unfortunate side effect of this abandonment lies in the updates prior to this final one. Where the weapon damage values were reset to their initial values upon release. For some weapons, this meant that they would once again become usable and competitive. Whilst others fell to the wayside and became almost completely irrelevant.

As someone who likes to use any and all assets available to me, including all available weapons and weapon types, I was disheartened to find that the LMG category has almost completely become irrelevant. If you're not using an assault rifle, semi-auto rifle, sniper rifle, or SMG, you're almost guaranteed a bad game. Though, I find exceptions to this sometimes, this appears to be the case for almost every attempted use of one of these LMGs.


I remember a time quite fondly when I could take the Bren Gun and easily hold first place, winning a game of TDM and leading my team to victory. Now, it's a great turnout if I can manage a positive KDR, and stay middle of the pack. Yet, if I am to switch to one of the now overpowered SMGs, I am almost guaranteed first place every single game.

It's just frustrating that EA changed everything, dropped some unfinished and not properly tested content, and then bailed on any further updates. As someone who's been with the franchise for many years, I can't help but feel disappointed and upset with the company's handling of this generation. I was fed up with and scorned by Battlefield 1, but willing to jump back in hesitantly with Battlefield V. I have to admit…I'm looking at the next generation considering just giving up entirely on this franchise and moving onto something better. Something that doesn't feel like a complete and utter let down. Maybe something with gameplay on par with the graphics, and not just an impressive graphics engine.

Thoughts? I'm curious as to what other people feel in regards to Battlefield V, Battlefield 1, and the franchise as a whole. Give me your take on this.

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