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EA Game Changers to go on DICE Studios at Stockholm tomorrow to try Chapter 5 content?

Battlefield 5 - EA Game Changers to go on DICE Studios at Stockholm tomorrow to try Chapter 5 content?

Since at the moment DICE is not giving any information on when we can actually have some advances on chapter 5, I'm doing it alone, I think I can share it since it's a public thing and so I suppose I won't compromise anyone's position.

On Friday, October 18, an Italian EA Game Changers, called MasterDoom93, published a video on its channel in which it explains that it will be away from home to go to Stockholm at DICE studios to record content regarding Battlefield, I leave the link to the video and the translation of the most important parts of what it says in its vlog.

"First of all, the Youtube and Twitch channels will remain fixed for 4-6 days because I will be away from Italy, and now I can talk more freely without going into details but only to make you understand what will happen, where I will go and what I will do. 4 days, I will leave on Monday and return on Thursday, I will leave for Sweden, I was officially invited by DICE, the creators of Battlefield, and I will visit DICE Stockholm, which is currently the producer of Battlefield V, and what I'm going to do I can't tell you, you will find out from October 28th, the day the embargo will expire and I can show you what I went to record in their studios, I am really excited by the idea of to be the first Italian to enter studies as Game Changers and I look forward to representing Italy in my adventure. "

I also leave you a Westie tweet that confirms even more what was written and that we will receive information very soon, as he also said that it will be at an "Event" from Monday to Thursday and that Friday with the launch of Modern Warfare will be a very week full for him.


From what has been written, we can therefore assume that the Pacific will arrive on November 7th (1 week after the end of the Battlefest), on October 28th perhaps a trailer will be released and consequently the embargo for recordings made at the studios will end, so DICE has the possibility to create the right hype for the Pacific and all Game Changers will give us information regarding the contents we will see in the upcoming future, maps, vehicles, factions, weapons etc. I think this will be the real turning point for Battlefield V, please let me sleep now and wake me up on October 28th.

EDIT 1: We've got other tweets that could confirm everything from The Broken Machine that it's already on Stockholm, Lossy said that it will be with Westie this week, TacticalBrit said it has the same week schedule as Westie and tweeted the entire trip and events.

Here I link them:

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