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Even with this “buff”, Medic still isn’t that good.

Battlefield 1 - Even with this “buff”, Medic still isn’t that good.

Now we just have low damage long range weapons that still can’t match or even challenge other guns at close range.

I was hoping we would get some accuracy while aimed and moving buffs, but we got aimed and stationary buffs instead. Which defeats the purpose of using SMGs anyways because standing still with an SMG is only begging to get your head blown off your shoulders.

I’ve used every gun for Medic after getting Rank 20 with him, Assault, and Support. So I know what I’m missing out on weapon-wise, and how shafted you make yourself just for playing Medic.

Here’s the weapon list in a nutshell, folks:

STEN: Decent accuracy, mobile. Mostly reliable, however low rate of fire. Good reload, left and empty, low damage. Arguably one of the only Medic weapons that I consider “okay”.

Specialization: Full right

Suomi: Twenty rounds gone just to kill one person, great ROF, terrible accuracy, whether it’s point blank or across the map. Rounds come out of this thing it feels from every direction. Not to mention the recoil is horrendous. Only saving grace is it’s ROF and upgraded magazine size.

Specialization: First three right, last left.

MP40: Guys, it’s literally just a STEN with a different skin. Slightly faster reload, from what it feels like though. Looks pretty, too! Unless you got sick of using it in Fallout 4..

Specialization: Full right or right with last being left.

MP28: With the rate of fire on this thing, you’d think it be the perfect middle ground of close and medium, but it fails to even do both properly. It’s recoil is so terrible, the THOMPSON has better control than it. The reload makes you want to hit something, with how your character will just wiggle the magazine in there, prolonging the reload further. You also lose two extra rounds versus many of your 32 round cousin SMGs. Neat.

Specialization: Full right.

EMP: I really wanted to like this gun. But it’s horizontal recoil is so atrocious at times it feels like I shouldn’t have even bothered trying to kill that person in the first place. A higher rate of fire than the STEN and MP40, yet lacking in the overall sense of confidence in hitting your targets at times. Pretty gun. Had a lot of hope for this, but unfortunately there’s not much that sets this gun apart from the rest. Reload is fine, but that empty reload is long for SMGs. Maybe just a personal issue.

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Specialization: Full right.

MP34: Just give up with this gun. There’s nothing redeeming about the specs, there’s nothing redeeming about the reload, and for just the slightest bit of damage, your magazine is lowered to 20, and can only get back your 32 round magazine at the cost of a spec slot. I was hoping this gun was like a sleeper or something. Something what would surprise or impress me. Well it did. It impressed me how bad it sucked and how often I was reloading. It’s faster ROF spec slot just emphasizes that low magazine gripe, and you can’t have both 32 round mag and faster ROF slots together. What a shame.

Specialization: Reread first sentence of MP34 summary. Not worth your time.

M1928A1/THOMPSON: What an interesting life this gun has had already. First patch in and it got a damage nerf. Strange! I never took this gun to be that decent. If anything, it’s kind of like a Suomi, but a little bit better. It’s drum magazine spec is a must, but with its rate of fire, it just feels like the accuracy at times can be so… sporadic and wild. It’s an interesting gun, and very pretty. But after it’s nerfs, not to mention it’s underlying issues with accuracy, I’d honestly rather use a STEN. It’s just more consistent damage. And I’ll take that over any higher rate of fire gun any day.


So what does this mean? Is Medic “Terrible”? No. He’s not. But he’s not good, either.

Good players can run with him and do okay. Hell, my K/D in this game is a 2.30 with currently 60 Hours and counting. Doesn’t mean I’m having fun sitting in a pool of sweat, trying to keep double positive or win, especially when I’ve decimated enemy teams in previous battlefield titles and experimented with so many different weapons. Somethings obviously off balance wise.

I just wish Medic was better than this. Better than just being “okay”. Some argue that he should be like this because he has “infinite” health.

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Well, then why does Support get a free pass with having infinite ammo to laser beaming LMGS and MMGS? Who cares about needing health when all you need is two seconds to slice half a team down a corridor with a simple Lewis gun or MG 42 bipodded? But nah, Medics having good weapons is OP, right? Maybe not so much when you think about it. But that’s just my two cents. What are your thoughts?

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