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Everything in BFV costs 4,258,380 CC (dated 31/Dec/2018)

Battlefield 8 - Everything in BFV costs 4,258,380 CC (dated 31/Dec/2018)

I got curious as to what buying everything possible in BFV would cost currently, especially considering the abysmal rate (or none thereof) of CC. Hold your horses ladies and gentlemen, we're in for a wild ride.

Before we dive in;

I'll try my best to format it in a friendly way so I can be fact-checked. I'll go in to some detail with breakdowns, some I'll just do a total for the "set" so bear with me please.

57,000 CC – Total amount to fully specialize vehicles

65,100 CC -Total amount to fully specialize weapons. (All starter weapons come fully specialized so they're not included)

For one gun part (e.g. Iron sights or muzzle) with all purchasable skins (Captured, Sandstorm, Ghost) (Patches, Countryside) (Chromed Finish, Night Owl, Blued) – 13,320 CC. Across all guns we get:

892,440 CC – Total Assault – (STG-44 has 7 gun parts, the other weapons have 6 each)

599,400 CC – Total Medic – (Sten, EMP, M1928A1 have 7 gun parts each, the other smgs have 6 each)

785,880 CC – Total Support – (KE7, FG-42 have 7 gun parts each, shotguns with 5 each. The other wepaons have 6 each)

572,760 CC – Total Recon – (Lee Enfield No.4 Mk I, Model 8 and ZH-29 with 6 gun parts each, the other guns have 5 each)

For the purchasable customization's for characters:

26,100 CC for headgear total (allies)

28,700 CC for torso total (allies)

20,500 CC for legs total (allies)

97,200 CC for all torso color variants (allies)

75,000 CC for all leg color variants (allies)

16,600 CC for headgear total (axis)

15,600 CC for torso total (axis)

11,100 CC for legs total (axis)

126,000 CC for all torso color variants (axis)

90,600 CC for all leg color variants (axis)

*Some items like the "Writer" have different color customization's you can buy for them. I included the prices for all of them across all items since you'd have to buy the variant on each new item you buy

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59,300 CC for all facepaint

29,400 CC – Panzer 38T

62,400 CC – Panzer IV

29,400 CC – Flakpanzer

29,400 CC – Tiger I

150,600 CC total axis tank customization

33,900 CC – BF 109 G-2

41,400 CC – BF 109 G-6

41,400 CC – Stuka B-2

41,400 CC – Stuka B-1

36,900 CC – Ju-88 A

195,000 CC total axis plane customization

29,400 CC – Valentine MK VIII

29,400 CC – Churchill MK VII

29,400 CC – Valentine AA MK I

29,400 CC – Churchill Gun Carrier

29,400 CC – Staghound T17E1

147,000 CC total allies tank customization

36,900 CC – Spitfire MK VA

41,400 CC – SPitfire MK VB

36,900 CC – Blenheim MKI

69,900 CC – Blenheim MK IF

41,400 CC – Mosquito MKII

226,500 CC total axis plane customization

And that leaves us with the totals:

122,100 CC – Total specialization cost

4,136,280 CC – Total customization

4,258,380 CC – Total everything

There's so much you can take away from this, like:

It may seem low comparatively but the total spec cost is huge

If you want to try new weapons and vehicles and want to specialize them but spent money on customization's, I feel sorry for you…

Inspired by u/showmejame with his very informative post. Decided I'll give it the full treatment

Anyway, cheers. Hope this was helpful.

Also I'm apparently living in the future and mis-typed 31 instead of 30. Not like anything is going to change in one day's time though

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