Battlefield 5

False Positive Fairfight BFV Ban Caused By Nvidia Driver Update March 23rd

Battlefield 8 - False Positive Fairfight BFV Ban Caused By Nvidia Driver Update March 23rd

I write in good faith saying that I did not cheat, exploit, hack or break term of use rule 6. I'm a 35-year-old Man. I have been a Customer of EA Products for more than 25 years with brands such as EA sports NHL, Sim City and other affiliated Companies. I have been playing online, ''First Person Shooters'' games since 2001 with titles such as Medal of Honor: Allied Assault or Battlefield 1942. And never in my entire life, up till now, that I have been banned from an online service for cheating or allegations of cheating. As a long term customer it is a disgrace the way EA Support threats it's customers with automatic answers and denying any type of a real answer to why I was banned.

Those are real accusations which really saddens me not only as a Customer but as loyal fan of the Battlefield series. Clearly Something is wrong with the Anti-Cheat algorithm that flagged me as a cheater, and I will be stubborn because I know otherwise that I did not break those rules in any way or form.

It has been around 20 days now that I’ve risen this issue to the support service. It took 12 days to get some sort of an answer which was referring to vague answers and multiples issues. They even banned me from contacting EA Chat support which I only used the first time when i've opened the original ticket. Every time I email EA anti-cheat service they close my tickets saying they investigated my issue enough times and that my case is closed. However, I never received a clear answer proving that i'm guilty of anything. I would like a clear answer of my said wrongdoings. Clearly there was either a human error in the managing of my case or a false positive algorithm with the FairFight system.

I'm not the only one that got falsely banned after the update of the NVidia drivers on the night of the 23rd of march. This other False positive ban is a very similar one to my situation as it happened around the same time and we both had the Nvidia update related to GeForce Experience/Nvidia Drivers update. I do believe it is the reason that it triggered a false positive ban during that gaming session and mine. I did not however do the reverse mode in tanks he's refering to.

Common thread,

‘’ The only thing he did the day he got banned was updating his Nvidia card and select "optimise" (for BF5 game) in the Nvidia menu…’’

I stay open to collaborate and help a developer investigate my issue. If someone can share the dev tracker and maybe, we could try to recreate the issue having access to my computer remotely.

Being falsely banned is the ultimate form of defamation in the online gaming community. Even if you know deep inside you that you’re right and that you did nothing wrong, everyone that doesn’t know you personally automatically flags you as a cheater or a hacker and they tend to ignore you or make ridiculous comments knowing nothing about the situation. Yet I’m the glitch in the matrix, the 0,001% chance that hit unlucky people from time to time. Saturday night the 23rd of march, there was a bug that randomly generated a false positive ban reaction in the Fairfight System for Battlefield V and I got banned from the online services. I will fight this for as long as I can because I know I’ve got wronged by the current system and I should actually be granted some sort of a gift for all my troubles. This is an injustice worth fighting and I will get it to the end.


This is a very frustrating situation because you have to fight against a corporate giant that is very strict in its policies and in terms of use and that generally use automatic answers for this sort of situation. The only thing that I can create to prove my innocence is to create a clear pattern of my entire Battlefield gaming history to prove that I’m not cheating or hacking in any forms whatsoever.

BF1942 had no stat tracking website. I used to be a Desert Combat tester from 0.3 till Desert Combat Final which paved the way for all the futures Battlefields.

desert combat - False Positive Fairfight BFV Ban Caused By Nvidia Driver Update March 23rd

Battlefield Vietnam had no stat tracking website. However, I’ve worked on the Point of Existence mod as a mapper for the full cycle of Battlefield Vietnam. In total, we probably made Dice and EA millions of cash revenue from freelance work and ideas for the next entitlements.

BF2 Stats

Bad Company 2 Stats

Battlefield 3 Stats

Battlefield 4 Stats

Battlefield 1 Stats

Battlefield 5 Stats (Where I was wrongfully Banned)

My steam account more than 14 years with no vac ban

EA ID: LT-Zomb1e

As you can see, I have nothing to hide. I’ve been part of the Battlefield community since the beginning. I’m also willing to help Dice-EA-Fairfight solve the issue with my full collaboration. All that I am asking is to stop ignoring my requests and right a wrong caused by your automatic Fairfight Ban system. Lead me to the correct individuals able to investigate my case fully. I do believe the bug was caused by Geforce Experience which received an update the same day I’ve got banned.

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